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How to create a help document or frequently used pages on your Mac for fun and profit

The answers are one of the Mac apps I wish I had had a few dozen years ago. Simply put, answer is a Mac app that guides you through the tedious process of creating help or frequently asked questions; The type of documents that are perfect for websites or standalone training documents.

Begin by selecting a specific Build Type. These can be pure HTML pages, or HTML with jQuery JavaScript, or PHP pages with or without jQuery. All the resources you need to create a help document are included, except for graphics and text. Answer: "width =" 559 "height =" 362 "class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image-5926 "/>

The responses allow you to set up styles and organizational layouts from beginning to end, complete with externally linked URLs. If you need to. If you need to integrate a help section or FAQ pages into a site, Answers also has a blank theme that can be customized to match your site. themes are available) but esoteric design is not the goal ̵

1; quick deployment of useful and ever-changing help documents and frequently asked questions. The free version does not support PHP export or jQuery, but both the pro and free version support classic anchor style, custom CSS and meta tag editing.

Other than customizations, Answers builds the code, including simple animations (the accordion style used is common on the web). Don't think of answers like app that make detailed manuals. There are many apps for it. The answers are especially good at creating simple, fair but very helpful help pages and FAQ pages that can be distributed online. Not bad for free, but it's the pro version that has professional features.

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