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How to customize the control center on your Apple Watch

The Control Center on the Apple Watch provides quick access to some of the most commonly used features, such as turning on Do Not Disturb or Flight Mode, checking the battery level of your watch, using the flashlight, and more. You can customize the Apple Watch Control Center to arrange the icons in the order you prefer. Furthermore, the latest watchOS 7 also lets you add and remove switches. So let’s learn more.

What are the icons in the Apple Watch Control Center?

Before we continue, here is a list of all the different icons that are visible in the Control Center and what they mean:

    1. Mobile: Turns the mobile connection on or off on Apple Watches that supports it
    2. WiFi: connects to or disconnects from the WiFi network
    3. Ping your iPhone: Causes the paired iPhone to beep loudly to find it if it is not located
    4. Battery Percentage: Displays the battery level of the Apple Watch
    5. Quiet Mode: turns Apple Watch on or off in silent mode
    6. Lock: Locks the Apple Watch so you must enter the password to unlock it
    7. Do not disturb: Turns DND mode on or off on the Apple Watch
    8. Walkie Talkie: Enables or disables the availability of walkie talkie
    9. Theater mode: Turns Cinema Mode on or off where the Apple Watch will not light up with alerts
    10. Water trap: Activates the water trap to prevent the watch from reacting to accidental touch of water while swimming. Only available on Apple Watch Series 2 and later
    11. Flashlight: Turns the flashlight on or off on the Apple Watch
    12. Fly Mode: Switch flight mode on or off
    13. AirPlay: Allows you to select the audio output to be used with the Apple Watch
    14. Sleep tracking: Allows you to configure and use sleep tracking. Only on watchOS 7

How to open and close the Control Center on your Apple Watch

You cannot open the Control Center from the Home screen of the Apple Watch. Instead, tap Digital Crown to go to the dial or open an app. Then open Control Center:

  • From the dial, sweep up.open the Control Center and tap edit in watchos 7 on the Apple Watch
  • From other screens, touch and hold the screen, swipe up

To close, swipe down from the top of the clock screen or just press Digital Crown.

How to customize the control center in Apple Watch

You can rearrange the control center icons as you prefer. Proceed like this.

  1. To open Control center on the Apple Watch and press Edit.tap edit in the control center of the Apple Watch
  2. Drag the icons around to arrange them the way you want
  3. When you are satisfied, press Finished.drag icons and tap done to customize the control center in watchos 7

How to remove switches from watchOS 7 Control Center

By default, all switches are enabled on the Apple Watch. But if you want to keep things organized, you can remove the control center that you do not use. Just follow the steps below.

  1. To open Control center on the Apple Watch and press Edit
  2. To remove a switch, press Minus’ signs displayed on it. Some switches cannot be removed, such as WiFi and airplane mode
  3. When you are satisfied, scroll down and click Finished.press minus and press done to remove the control panel on the Apple Watch Running Watchos 7

How to add control center Switches in watchOS 7

To add the control panel after removing them, just follow the steps below.

  1. To open Control center and press Edit
  2. To add a switch, scroll down to ‘More’ section. Press ‘Plus’ characters next to the icons you want to add again
  3. When you are satisfied, scroll down and click Finished.press plus and then press done to add control center switches in watchos 7

Logging off

Do you have any other questions about the Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments below. Do not forget to check out the other useful features of watchOS 7.


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