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How to Customize your Apple Watch Face: A Detailed Guide

Since the Apple Watch is a laptop, people tend to customize the look according to their style and preferences. Apple gives you several ways to do that. You can change clocks, set photos from the gallery as a clock, add useful complications to see information in an instant and much more! Let us cover all these points one by one and help you customize the Apple Watch Face.

To change the dial on your Apple Watch

There are two effortless ways to choose another dial on the Apple Watch quickly.

replace dial on Apple Watch
Credit: Apple
  1. Raise your wrist to illuminate the screen. You can also press once. Swipe horizontally from the left or right edge to easily switch to another dial from your collection.
  2. Press firmly on your current dial. Now swipe left or right to see all available dials from your collection. Press one to set it.

Now let’s see how to add useful features to the Apple Watch face.

How to add complications to the dial

According to Apple, complications’special featuresto which you can add some dials. Once you have done that, you can see information such as battery status, weather, stocks, heart rate, etc. in an instant. Complications also allow you to quickly trigger an action. For example, go quickly to the Phone app. How to add complications to Apple Watch Face.

  1. Press firmly on the relevant dial. Press Customize. If Apple Watch is running watchOS 7, press Edit.
  2. Swipe left until you reach the end screen. Press one of them.
  3. Use Digital Crown to change the list of complications.tap customozie and tap complications on the dial
  4. Tap Digital Crown to save the changes.
  5. Finally, press the dial to set it.change complications on the dial

How to add complications from other apps

Third-party apps downloaded from the App Store can have complications for Apple Watch. How to activate and use them.

  1. To open See app on the paired iPhone. Press My watch tab, if not already.
  2. Press Complications.
  3. Press Edit.tap complications in my clock tab in the clock app, then tap edit
  4. Press on under DO NOT INCLUDE green plus icon for a complication.
  5. Press Finished.add complications from other apps to Apple Watch using the Watch app

This third-party complication is now ready for use with compatible dials. Follow the steps above for this. It’s the same as adding a built-in complication.

Note: watchOS 7 lets you add more complications from the same app to see different pieces of information in an instant.

For example, if you use the Dawn Patrol app to surf, you can set up a dial that shows water temperature, swell, and wind speed predictions for a beach of your choice.

How to change dial colors, symbols, dials, etc.

On supported dials, you can change the accent color, style, ring type (analog, digital), number system (Arabic, Indian, Roman, etc.) and more. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Press firmly on the relevant dial.
  2. Press Customize. Or swipe left or right to select the desired dial and then press Customize.
  3. At the top of the screen you will see SYMBOLS, HIT, STYLE, COLOURetc. The options here depend on the dial. Some have, others do not.press customize and select the option to make changes to the apple dial
  4. Rotate Digital Crown to make the changes.
  5. Swipe from left to right to select another heading. Rotate Digital Crown again to customize it.change the color of the dial
  6. Press Digital Crown to save the changes, and finally press the dial to set it.press the dial to save the changes

How to set image as dial on Apple Watch

There are two easy ways. You can use saved photos on the Apple Watch to create and set it as a dial. Or use the Photos app on iPhone. Let’s look at both.

Use Apple Watch

  1. To open Pictures app and tap one picture to open it in full screen.
  2. Press firmly on the image.open the Photos app, tap the photo on the Apple Watch
  3. Press Make the dial.
  4. Select Kaleidoscope or Pictures.
  5. The image is set as the dial. Tap Digital Crown to see it.set an image as a dial on the Apple Watch

Use the Photos app on iPhone

  1. Start Pictures app → AlbumRecently.
  2. Press Select. Now select one image or any number up to 24 (this will change each time you lift your wrist). Then press Share icon.press select select photos and press share on iPhone
  3. Scroll down and press Make the dial.
  4. On the next screen you can customize it with colors, complications, etc.
  5. Finally, press ADD. The new dial is set.set the image as a dial on the Apple Watch using the Photos app on the iPhone

With watchOS 7 you can also share dials. So if you have a beautiful dial with pictures of your kids, you can share this with your wife’s Apple Watch.

How to add a dial to your collection

Suppose you want a new dial every day (or often). For this you should add them to the collection, so it becomes effortless to switch between them. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Press firmly on the relevant dial.
  2. Swipe all the way from right to left. Press plus icon.long press on the dial and press the plus icon
  3. Use touch or Digital Crown to view the dials. Tap one to add it.add the dial to your Apple Watch collection

Note: When you create dials, for example from photos, they are automatically added to your collection.

How to display your dial

You can view your collection from the Apple Watch or the paired iPhone.

From Apple Watch: Press a clock face firmly and swipe left and right.

From iPhone
: Launch the Watch app and tap My Clock. Under MY FACES you will see your collection. Swipe horizontally. You can also press Edit to see them in the list view.

tap edit to see all dials in list view on iPhone

To delete a dial from your collection

You can remove dials directly from your Apple Watch or iPhone. This is how.

From Apple Watch

  1. Press firmly on a dial.
  2. Swipe left or right to select the desired.
  3. Now you pull it up (just like you force close apps on iPhone). Finally, press Remove.

delete the dial on the Apple Watch

From iPhone

  1. Open the Watch app → Tap My Watch.
  2. Press Edit next to MY FACES.
  3. Press red minus icon and then press Remove.

remove the dial from the watch app on iPhone

How to change the time shown in the clock face

Many people, including myself, like to hold the wristwatch 5 minutes ahead. You can also do that with the Apple Watch. Be aware that fortunately this change do not affects alarms, the time displayed in alerts, world clocks or any other time. Pretty stylish!

  1. To open Settings app on your watch.
  2. Scroll down by pressing or by rotating Digital Crown. Press Clock.
  3. Press +0 minopen settings tap clock and then time on Apple Watch
  4. Snu Digital Crown to set the clock forward. You can choose between 1 minute and up to 59 minutes.
  5. Finally, press Set.change the time shown in the dial

This new future is only visible on the dial. The time everywhere else, such as in the upper right corner of the Apple Watch Settings app or other apps, will continue to be the actual time.

Logging off…

This allows you to play with different clock settings to make the Apple Watch reflect your personality. Feel free to explore the possibilities on your own.

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