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How to delete your MacBook

Macbook keyboards do not have the same set of keys that you find on Apple's external keyboards or on a standard keyboard that you want to use with a PC. For this purpose, you will find that there is only one "Delete" key and it seems like a backspace key. It will delete characters to the left of where the cursor is. On non-Macbook keyboards, those with a full set of keys, you will find a backspace key and a separate delete key. The delete key deletes items to the right of the cursor, ie the relay deleted. Here you can relay plainly on a Macbook.

Forward delete on MacBook

There are two different hotkeys that you can use to relay delete on a MacBook.

Fn + Delete

Control + D

Both shortcuts do the same. It is up to you to choose which one to use. The functions and control keys are basically side by side on the keyboard, and for some users it may be easier to use Control + D due to the proximity of the two keys.

The Function and Delete keys are practically opposite the keyboard on most keyboards. It may not be easier to use.

Third-party apps

There are third-party apps that can restore keyboard keys, but it can take a little more effort to find an app which can map a keyboard shortcut to a single key. Carabiner does not seem to be able to do the job, but you can try writing a script. There are other paid apps that do the job, so it really depends on what you prefer; uses a built-in hotkey because it is free or uses an app because it can be more convenient.

If you have an iMac and not a MacBook, you can always just get another keyboard. Apple's external keyboards come with a full set of keys, and a keyboard that is not an Apple keyboard works great with any Mac.

The built-in quick keys are really the best option. You do not lose any functionality and you do not have to choose between deleting in one direction or the other. The option to delete text to the left or to the right of the cursor will always be there. More importantly, if you ever choose to change which of the modifier keys, for example, change what the function key does, you can still use the control + D shortcut key to relay plainly on a Macbook.

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