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How to disable red badges on MacOS system selections

  How to hide the red badge icon from MacOS System Preferences

MacOS system preferences show a red badge icon when a software update is available for Mac. This can be useful for users who want to be notified about software updates, but it can be annoying to other Mac users who specifically avoid a specific software update.

For example, many Mac users who ignore Catalina may have chosen to hide MacOS Catalina software update alerts and questions, but may still see the red update mark icon on the System Preferences icon.

This article will show you how to hide and disable the red update badge from appearing on the System Preferences icon in the Dock on modern macOS releases including Mojave and Catalina.

How to hide the Red Badge Updates Icon from System Preferences on MacOS

Disabling the red update tag from the System Preferences icon involves using the terminal, if you are not comfortable with the command line, it is better to avoid using these commands as they is for advanced Mac users.

  1. Launch the terminal application
  2.   Mac Terminal icon

  3. Specify the following syntax exactly on the command line:
  4. default type com.apple.systempreferences Note! show the red update mark

      Red badge hidden for MacOS System Preferences icon

  5. Exit terminal when done

Mo St users will not do this if they want to see the red mark icon when software updates are available. However, if you specifically avoid a software update, or if you only selectively install specific system software updates in MacOS, you may appreciate having the option of hiding the red badge icon.

 Hide the red update screen in MacOS System Preferences

If you have problems with the command above, you can also choose to split the command into two separate components if you prefer, with the first part as the default command for default:

default writes com.apple.systempreferences AttentionPrefBundleIDs 0

And the second component is an update of Dock using killall Dock command: [19659005] killall Dock

The end effect is the same; the red patch will be missing from the System Preferences icon in the dock. In 1965.

How to display red mark on system settings in macOS again

Return to the default setting which shows the red mark icon is simple, just change 0 to 1 in said command as follows:

default printer com. apple.systempreferences AttentionPrefBundleIDs 1 && killall Dock

Again hit Go back to execute the command and the Dock will be updated, showing the red badge icon again.

Note that this way of hiding the red icon is specific to the System Selection red mark icon that shows when software updates are available. For other apps that show red marks, you can disable red marks for other app icons in Mac OS through notification settings, and you don't need to use any terminal or command line to hide them, all of which can be handled directly through the graphical user interface instead.

This trick also applies only to modern versions of MacOS where System Preferences is where software updates are provided. In previous Mac OS X releases where system software updates were provided from the App Store, this method will not work.

Did you hide the red patch for software updates in MacOS? Did you disable the red icon because you are avoiding and ignoring the MacOS Catalina update on a Mac, or for some other reason? Do you know of another approach to disabling or hiding the red badge icon in System Preferences? Share experiences, thoughts and comments below!

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