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How to disconnect Apple Watch with or without iPhone

When you disconnect the Apple Watch, everything on it is deleted and restored to factory settings. You need to do this if you want to connect it to another iPhone or fix any clock issues. So let’s go ahead and learn how to disconnect the Apple Watch from the pair of iPhones or even without it.

How to disconnect Apple Watch with iPhone

Doing so using the Watch app on the iPhone creates a backup of the Apple Watch (which allows you to restore in the future), and you are also able to remove the activation lock. In most cases, this should be the preferred way.

Begin by holding both devices nearby, and follow the steps below.

  1. To open See app on the paired iPhone and make sure you are in My watch category.
  2. Press at the top left All watches.
  3. Press ̵
    6;Inext to the clock you want to disconnect.tap all clocks in my clock tab, then tap i in the clock app on iPhone
  4. Press Unpair Apple Watch.
  5. For mobile model: Choose to keep (if you want to pair the watch and iPhone again) or remove the plan.
  6. Press Unpair YourNames Apple Watch. Enter your Apple ID password when prompted. This removes the activation lock.unpair apple watch from watch app on iPhone

Now the iPhone will make a backup copy of the watch. Consequently, it may take some time for the process to complete. Once you complete the Apple Watch and iPhone, they will be paired.

How to disconnect Apple Watch without iPhone

You can disconnect the Apple Watch even if you do not have access to the paired iPhone. The only downside is that the backup is not created via this method (since the iPhone is not physically nearby or connected). In addition, the activation lock remains (but you can remove it via iCloud) – more on that after the steps.

  1. Print Digital Crown to see all the apps. From here, press Settings app.
  2. Press General.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and press Reset.open settings tap general and then press reset on Apple Watch
  4. Press Delete all content and settings.
  5. For mobile model: Choose to keep or remove the plan.
  6. Scroll down and press Delete everything. Confirm with the clock code, if prompted.delete all content and settings on Apple Watch

This will undo the pairing of the Apple Watch and delete all the data. However, the activation lock remains. Thus, if you are planning to sell this watch or give it to someone, you need to disable the activation lock on your Apple Watch.

Logging off

How to Unpair Apple Watch and iPhone. After this, if you need help, we have a separate post that shows you how to connect it.

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