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How to download free music on iPhone and iPad

You may be under the impression that there is no way to download free music on an iPhone or iPad. It's just not true anymore. As long as you know the source of the music on the web, you can use many apps (including iOS 13, even Safari) to download and play music. You can even organize your own music collection and share it with your favorite third party music player. How to download free music on iPhone and iPad.

Download music for free on iPhone and iPad

. eSound Music

eSound is one of the few apps in the App Store that gives you access to a huge library of popular songs. And you can download songs for offline use. The only problem is that the app is ad-supported and has many video ads. But there is a way around it. Find and download the music, then listen to it offline.

You must create an account before you can start using the app. Then search for a song and tap it to start playing. Press the + button to add it to the library. The button now changes to a download button. Tap it to save the song offline.

Download : eSound Music (Free)

2. Documents

  Download Music and Videos on iPhone and iPad 5

Documents is the best third-party download manager for iPhone. Best of all, it is free, ad-free and developed by a reputable company. You can use documents to download anything. And play it right inside the app.

Use the Browser is Documents app to visit a link that hosts the MP3 file. There can be any website that has free music downloads. And then press the Download button to open the app's download manager. When the download is complete, you can tap it to play the song, or you can use the menu button to move it to another folder or to share it with an app like VLC.

Download : Documents by Readdle (Free)

3. Browser and Documents Manager

The Browser and Documents Manager app is similar to the app we were talking about, but it comes with a smart download feature. If you go to a link like SoundCloud and tap an audio file to play it, the app will ask you if you want to download media like MP3. Press Download to start the download process. Once downloaded, you can play media in the app, or share it with any app.

Download : Browser and Documents Manager (Free)

4. IOS 13 Safari

  iOS 13 Safari Download Manager

If you use iOS 13 on iPhone or iPadOS 13 on iPad, you do not need an app to download free music. We've talked in detail about how to download files using Safari before.

Basically, just navigate to the site that hosts the MP3 file and press the Download button. Safari will now ask if you want to download it. Press the Download button to download the MP3. It will now be stored in the Files app. By default, the file is stored in the Downloads folder in iCloud Drive. However, you can go to Settings -> Safari to change the download location. Once the music is downloaded, you can press the Share button to send the music to any media player such as VLC.

5. Shortcuts

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You can do many cool things with shortcuts. One of the great things about using shortcut automation is downloading files from the web. You can use a shortcut like YouTube Converter 2 to convert the online video to an MP3 and then download it to your device. There are a few shortcuts you can use for different services and situations.

If you are unfamiliar with the shortcut app, read our guide here.

Download : YouTube Ripper Shortcut [19659007] 6. Cloud Music Player

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