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How to download watchOS 7 Developer Beta 8 on Apple Watch

watchOS 7 is officially here. It was announced at WWDC 2020 with new features and improvements. Apple Watch Series 3 and later support it. If you want to download watchOS 7 developer beta 8 on your compatible smartwatch, let me show you how. But first, a few points to consider.

  • Before you begin with the steps, make sure that the paired iPhone 6s or later also runs the latest iOS 14 beta and is connected to a strong Wi-Fi network.
  • In addition, your smartwatch must have at least 50% power and be connected to a magnetic charger

How to download watchOS 7 Developer Beta 8

  1. Open Safari on the paired iPhone and go to Developer.apple.com
  2. Check out the watchOS 7 download page and press Download watchOS 7 beta configuration profile.
  3. Select Apple watch as the beta testing device and hit Install.
  4. Next time you have to Enter your Apple ID password. Then you have to press Install again to confirm
  5. Then restart the smartwatch

Now, wait for the portable device to restart. Once done, you can install the update as usual.

How to install watchOS 7 Developer Beta 8 on Apple Watch

  1. To open See app on iPhone
  2. Press My watch tab → GeneralSoftware update.
  3. Then press Download and install. Then you need to set the iPhone password and agrees Terms and conditions.
  4. Finally, press Install.

Now let the update take place without interruption. You can check the progress of your smartwatch. Once done, you will be ready to take the latest watchOS 7 for a long spin.


7;s it!

Now that everything is ready, you can start the extensive search to discover the hidden features and take a closer look at all the much talked about new add-ons. Here I wish you a fun watchOS 7 beta testing!


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