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How to edit a photo geotag on your iPhone or Mac

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You've got some great photographs of your weekend with your friends, but when you check the location feature in photos, you notice that one is marked as being taken in the middle of a random field. To edit your geotag using a Mac or iPhone app so your photos appear where they should.

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It can be helpful and fun to see your photos posted on a map, but sometimes the photos can be tagged in weird places. This can happen because your iPhone uses three different systems to discover where it is: GPS satellites, cell towers and Wi-Fi. It tries to juggle these three systems for the most accurate, but sometimes the results are unexpected or just plain wrong. The good news is that you can fix a wrong tag after the fact! The bad news is that there is no built-in functionality to change geotagging directly on your iPhone or iPad.

To edit geotagging for an image, you either need:

  • a Mac computer
  • a paid app

How to edit a geotag tag for a photo using a Mac

  1. Send photo (s) ) for your Mac.

  2. In Finder navigate to Applications and open Photos .

      An image of the mac finder with the Photos application outlined.

  3. In Images select the image you want to change by clicking on it or select more images by holding the shift key on the keyboard as you click more pictures.

  4. Click Get Info which is a button marked with the letter 'i' in a circle. You can find the Get Information button in the app toolbar above the photo collection.

      a photo of the Photos application with some photos selected and the Get Info button outlined.

  5. In the Info window, click in the position box and edit the location.

      An image of the Info dialog box in the Pictures application, with the Location field outlined.

You can set the location of the selected images to whatever you want. Here, I've decided that these images come from all over the state of Iowa, but you can be much more specific.

Using a paid app

The information you are trying to edit is called EXIF ​​metadata . It is attached to photo files by some cameras and includes things like where the photo was taken, what kind of camera was used, focal lengths and other fun technical things useful for photographers and photo editors. There are a few apps that allow you to edit EXIF ​​metadata directly on the phone, but all of them require a paid in-app feature. Two of the best apps for this are:

We want to outline the process in Metapho, because that app seems to offer a smoother design and more features. The free version of Metapho lets you remove geotags from photos, but you need to upgrade to edit geotags.


  1. When you start Metapho it will request access to your photos. Touch Allow access .

  2. Your iPhone will then ask you to let Metapho access your photos. Press OK .

      An image of the metapho app install screen   An image of the metapho app install screen with an iOS dialog

  3. Metapho will then ask you if you want to enable the extension. You probably don't have to, and should click Meh, skip . Extensions connect to iOS to give access to some of the app tools outside the app. In this case, Metapho's extension allows you to access some of Metapho's tools (but not the ability to edit geotags) from different apps' sharing menus.

  4. When Metapho is open and set up, you should see a number of images that look like the Pictures app (but it's not the Pictures app). Select the image you want to edit by tapping it. This will open the information page for that image.

      an image of the metapho app extension ad with the & # 39; nah & # 39; outlined   An image of the metapho app with a variety of images

  5. On the image info page, scroll down to the position bar and select Edit . If you haven't already unlocked all the features, Metapho will ask you to do so.

      an image of the metapho app image detail screen with the Edit Outlined option

  6. The unlocked features now allow you to edit location codes.

Top Credit: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

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