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How to figure out which Apple Watch model you have

Whether you want to know which Apple Watch model you need to check watchOS compatibility or want to sell it to upgrade to a new one, follow how to easily identify which Apple Watch model you have.

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If you are not familiar with the various Apple Watch iterations, they can be difficult to tell each other. Fortunately, contrary to how Apple does things with its other devices, the Apple model details easily find the back of the device.

How to Find Out which Apple Watch Model You Have

  1. You'll Find Apple See Model Engraved on the Back
  2. If you only watch "Watch" you have a 1st Generation Clock (Series 0)
  3. If you can not read the engraved text, follow below to get more ways to identify it

Alternatively, on Apple Watch or on the iPhone Watch app, you can go to Settings → General → About → Model . You can then do a quick google search like "Apple Watch A1554 Specifications" to find out which model you have.

You can also learn more about the different Apple Watch generations and compare your model number to the list in this support document.

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