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How to find a mobile phone location from an Android device

You have many ways to track a cell phone location. This is especially true these days because so many people volunteer share their location with friends and family.

Both Android and iPhone devices come with embedded location tracking tools. This is active as long as location services (GPS) on the phone remain enabled and the owner has granted an app with permission to access their location.

The following are a few ways you can take advantage of these location tracking services.

Find an Android Phone via Device Manager

It's not easy to track the location of your Android phone. As long as you have location services enabled on your Android device, visit Android Device Manager s Find My Device Page to get the location of your phone.

Once you've done that, you'll see the exact GPS location of your phone identified using a little green icon on Google Maps.

 google finds my device

To the left of the map, you will see three services you can use if your phone is not at your moment possession:

  • Play a sound : This will call your phone for five minutes, even if the sound is silenced.
  • Lock : If you know your phone is lost, make sure it's locked so nobody can open it and see your information.
  • Delete : If you've lost all hope of finding the phone and want to make sure someone does not detect sensitive information, you can remove (permanent) everything.

It's a good idea to make sure that you & # 39; has enabled location services on your phone and granted Google permission to track your phone location. To do so, go to Settings> Security & Location> Location . Then go to Find my device in the same menu to enable tracking.

So if you ever lose your device, you can quickly use one of these features to protect the information.

Find an Android Phone via Google Find Your Phone

In addition to the Find My Device feature, there is also a Find your phone page with even more features.

This page shows you a list of all devices you have logged in to Google Account with. Select the phone or tablet you want to find.

 Google Find Your Phone

When you do, you'll see a long list of tools you can use, similar to Android Device Manager:

  • Check the latest security events : This will show you a log of any recent password changes or reset requests that were sent to Google.
  • Lock your phone : You can immediately lock your phone so nobody has access.
  • Try calling your phone : Allows you to access your contact list (to find your number if you have forgotten it) or a Google Hangouts session so you can call the phone.
  • Sign out of Google on your phone : This logs you out of your Google Account on your device so nobody has access to your Google Account information from it.
  • Reach out to your carrier : Contact your mobile operator to disable your old SIM card and order a new one.
  • Delete the phone : This will immediately delete everything from your phone.

Pressing the Locate link on the right side of this page is the easiest and fastest way to track a mobile phone location. It opens the page Find my device so you know exactly where to pick up your phone.

The ability to lock your phone will give the person who found your phone with a ring button they can tap (and a custom message you can write to them).

In this way, they can use the phone to call you to the number you specify. This makes it as easy as possible for the person who has your phone to help you get it back. They do not even have to dial a number – all they have to do is press the green button!

 lock the phone

Remember that the option to delete your device will wipe out everything on the phone. This may not delete any memory card you have added to your phone.

Also note that when you delete your phone, your Google Account Information will be deleted from that phone. This means that you can not use any of the above services to find or call the phone afterwards.

Use only the deletion feature as a last resort if you are convinced that you have lost the phone and will never get it back. You may want to do this when the battery status of the phone has reached a simple digit, as you probably lose contact with the phone anyway.

Find an iPhone via Apple Find My iPhone

To track the location of an iPhone

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you can use Apple's Find My iPhone service. But trying to do this from an Android phone results in a problem.

If you try to visit the iCloud page to find your iPhone location, you will notice that the webpage says that your browser is not supported.

This is Apple's way of sticking it to Android users. But that's ok because you have a way around it.

In Chrome, all you need to do is touch the three-point icon in the top right corner of the browser window and select Request Desktop Page from the drop-down list.

Once enabled, the iCloud login page will appear just fine. Log in to your iCloud account and voila-a map will appear with the exact location of your iPhone.

Like tracking an Android phone, you must have location services enabled on iPhone for this to work. And do not forget that you can log on to iCloud from a computer or other device to track your iPhone in the same way.

 icloud from the browser

Now you know how to track the location of your iPhone, even though everyone else in your home has an Android device. On the other side, we've also shown what to do if you find a lost iPhone

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Tracking a Mobile Phone Location Through Other Apps

Perhaps you're more interested in finding the phone's location for your family or friends.

You should know that there are no apps that will show you the location of a phone based on a phone number. Any app in the Google Play store claiming to do this is a scam.

The only way you can track the location of a mobile phone is to install software on that phone. The phone owner must also give permission to enable location services on the phone.

The good news is that many people willingly share their GPS location

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. Yes, even many of your own friends.

Find a mobile phone via Facebook

If you open the Facebook app on your phone, open the menu and scroll down. You will see a link to nearby friends .

Select this and you will see how many of your Facebook friends have made it possible to share their location with friends on Facebook (or unconsciously shared it). [19659002]   facebook place

This area of ​​the Facebook app shows you friends' last place when logged in to Facebook. This is the easiest way to identify the location of your friends via the phone. But it only works if they have enabled the placement feature in Facebook.

Another way Facebook offers location tracking is through the Messenger app. Facebook offers the opportunity to share your live with someone through the Facebook Messenger app.

You can do this in the Messenger app. Touch the Plus icon to the left of your message and select the location icon.

 Facebook place android blurred

This will show the message recipient a small map of location of your phone on it.

Share your location on Google Maps

Another fun way to let your family or family track the location of your phone is by sharing your location through Google Maps, one of the best shells in Maps features.

If you open Google Maps and access the left menu, you'll see an option for location placement in the list.

When you click on it, you have the option to share your phone location. You can set a time period or share your location permanently until you turn off the feature.

Maps lets you choose the people you want to share your location with. When you and your friends share your location with each other, you'll see each other's location on the map, identified with the Google Account profile image.

This is a great way for a parent to give the family peace of mind when they are gone for some reason. It's also a great way for parents to track the child's location and not still worry about where their children are.

Localization Access on Mobile Devices is Useful

Whether you go with Facebook, Google or any of the phone detection services described above, finding a phone is far easier than ever. There's really no reason why you'll ever be in the dark about where your phone is – or even the phones of dear.

For more great apps like these, check out Android apps that make amazing use of your location

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