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How to fix an old iPhoto problem with place name

iPhoto’s time in the sun came and went a long time ago, and macOS 10.15 Catalina put her nails in the coffin. (See my column from October last year for your options for migrating or continuing to use iPhoto.)

However, there is a reason to dredge up the past, and that is not to dredge up the past. iPhoto lets you create custom names for places on the map. These are then attached to these sites and displayed both in iPhoto and when you share photos from it directly.

It evokes old memories for a reader, whose name I will omit for obvious reasons, because the old location has the name of its former partner. This can be solved, although it may require some effort.

You can have such an item called “Beauregard̵

7;s Place” and will replace it with some neutral ones, such as “Our home.” This is how:

  1. Start iPhoto.

  2. Select Window> Manage My Places.

  3. Select the place name from the list on the left. You can either click the minus button on the right to delete it or click on the title, which makes it editable, and enter a new name. You can also adjust the region it covers on the map to the right.

  4. Click Finished.

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You can rename or remove the places in iPhoto to get rid of labels that are no longer meaningful.

You may look like some remnants of the previous place name, especially in the Home View Home menu, which appears to keep previous place names you selected by name after the name is changed. But this should go towards reducing the unwanted memories.

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