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How to fix Apple App Store error about "accepting" apps before an update

If your Mac doesn't let you update one of Apple's apps before clicking "Accept", here's what to do when there is no such button.

  This example is by Keynote, but you can get it with Pages, Numbers, or even Safari

This example is by Keynote, but you can get it with Pages, Numbers or Safari

It's just when downloading apps goes wrong we really appreciate how amazing it is that we can ever do it. Although you can remember the days when software came in boxes that you bought from stores, you actually can't remember them because they seem so long ago and just so very crazy.

Apple changed the world in this way, Apple made it obvious that you should download software ̵

1; but only sometimes is Apple making it stop working.

Right now, if you have certain Apple apps installed on your Mac and a new version is coming out, your Mac may be preventing you from downloading them. It's the Apple app, such as Pages or Numbers, that will tell you it's an update, and it's Apple's macOS that takes you to Apple's Mac App Store, but the slick, unbroken path through the Apple ecosystem sometimes comes up a sudden stop.

"To update this app," the App Store dialog box says, "you must accept it on the App Store account page."

It is ambiguous and it is invisible

It is formulated in typical Apple fashion in that it is simple and straightforward. It is worded in a somewhat unusual Apple way in that it is a little ambiguous. Presumably by "account page" it means your account page, as in what you get when you select View My Account .

We would rather not say what something probably means, we would rather take the time to find out where the Accept button is, but that is the problem.

While Apple's own support documentation specifically states that you should press an Accept button listed next to an app name, good luck finding it.

Apparently someone who gets this accept button can therefore click on it with gusto, but for others, including AppleInsider there just isn't one. Seriously. No button.

We couldn't take a screenshot to show you where the button should be, because we can't get the App Store to show it to us.

What to do

Delete apps.

Wherever you go, that's it, just delete the number or whatever app is causing this problem, and then reinstall it from the App Store.

Once done, you have the latest version of the app installed on your Mac just as you expect. The problem is too new for us to know if this will be resolved the next time it is updated.

Perhaps the missing button Accept is related to the seemingly still unsolved bug that sees the App Store pretend that you have few or no previous purchases.

We would prefer Apple to fix it completely, and by comparison, the acceptance is just mildly impractical.

Yet it is also simply peculiar. It is difficult to see how it can be a technical issue, a legal or a security procedure.

It is especially difficult to see it as a security measure for two reasons. The first is that every step of this is completely controlled by Apple, from your app that tells you that there is an update to the Mac App Store that refuses to give it to you. There is no question of authentication or if someone is able to get into your account to buy an app that you already have in a malicious way.

And then if there was a security issue, look at what happens when you fix it.

When you actually had the app installed, Store made this big case about how to confirm that you accepted it. Now you don't have it. The store lets you download the latest version without blinking.

There must be a reason, but it doesn't look like it could be good. Not when Apple's support documentation promises you that there is a Accept button you need to press, but then it takes exactly the same amount of time to tell you what to do if it doesn't work.

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