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How to fix Bluetooth issues on iPhone

Bluetooth settings iPhone on the table

When you want to use a Bluetooth accessory with iPhone, it can be very aggravating when it does not work. Whether you have just picked up a new set of earphones or a physical keyboard, Bluetooth should make setting up these devices easy. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Like it or not, Bluetooth problems can occur with your iPhone, and here we show you ways to fix them.

Bluetooth fixes for iPhone

Update to the latest iOS version

While it may be obvious to some, it is not for everyone. You should always keep your iPhone up to date with the latest iOS version. When Apple launches updates for iOS, these are not only for fancy new features, but also for fixing issues.

Before going through any other troubleshooting steps for your Bluetooth issues, make sure you are on the latest version of iOS.

1) Open yours Settings and select General.

2) Select Software update. You should notice an indicator next to the feature name if an update is available.

3) Press Install now and follow the instructions to update iPhone.

Update iOS on iPhone

After installing the update, check the Bluetooth device again. If you do not have a software update available, or the update did not resolve your Bluetooth issue, continue below.

Turn off Bluetooth and restart iPhone

Another easy thing to do for Bluetooth problems is to turn it on and off again. And it is best to force the phone to restart when you do this.

Turn off Bluetooth

You can turn off Bluetooth in the control center, but in this case go to Settings > bluetooth and disable switch to Bluetooth there.

Turn off Bluetooth iPhone

Note: Using the Bluetooth icon in the Control Center will disable Bluetooth but not turn it off as you can see in the screenshots below. Make sure you follow the steps above to turn off Bluetooth in the Settings.

Bluetooth Control Center Not connected to iPhone

Force restart iPhone

The way you perform a hard reboot of your iPhone depends on the type of iPhone you own. So take a look at our article on how to force restart every iPhone model.

Turn on Bluetooth

After restarting the device, return to Settings > bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth and see if your accessory works.

Disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth device

Sometimes just unplugging and connecting Bluetooth accessories.

1) Go to Settings > bluetooth and select Info icon (lower case “i”) next to the device.

2) Press Disconnect.

3) Turn the Bluetooth accessory on and off again; so if it is detected, it will appear in the list.

4) Tap to connect it.

Disconnect the Bluetooth device iPhone

Forget the Bluetooth device

If disconnecting and reconnecting the Bluetooth accessory does not work, disconnect it from iPhone and then pair it again.

Go to Settings > bluetooth and select Info icon next to the device. Press Forget this device and then confirm by pressing Forget the device.

Forget Bluetooth device iPhone

Then reconnect the device to iPhone, as you did during initial setup. Check out these related tutorials if you need help disconnecting or pairing the Bluetooth device process.

Pair with another device

If you have other Bluetooth accessories paired with and connected to the iPhone that work just fine, it may be the special Bluetooth accessory with the problem. But if you do not have any other Bluetooth accessory paired, you can not be sure where the problem lies.

Try pairing the accessory with another device, such as an iPad or Mac. If the accessory does not work with your other device, check the pairing instructions in the user guide or contact the manufacturer for an error with the accessory itself.

If you can connect and use the accessory with the other device, continue troubleshooting Bluetooth issues with iPhone below.

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Reset the network settings

If you still have problems with Bluetooth on iPhone after trying the above methods to fix it, try resetting your network settings. This option is one of the last on the list because you not only remove the Bluetooth information, but also the Wi-Fi and VPN settings.

If this is a step you are willing to take, here you can reset the network settings on your iPhone.

1) Go to yours Settings and select General.

2) Scroll to the bottom and select Reset.

3) Select Reset network settings.

4) Enter yours password when prompted.

Reset network settings iPhone

Your iPhone will restart when you do this. You can then try using Bluetooth again.

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Restore iPhone to factory settings

The very last resort for problems with Bluetooth on iPhone is to reset it back to factory settings. Before doing this, make sure you have a backup of your iPhone and disable Find My App.

Then follow our instructions on how to delete everything on iPhone to reset it. You may also want to visit Apple’s support page to restore the device to factory settings.

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Get help from Apple

Don’t forget that you can always contact Apple for help with iPhone issues, including Bluetooth. It’s best to start on the Apple Support page. You can type in a keyword like “Bluetooth” or select iPhone from the list and start there.

Often, answers to frequently asked questions and problems can be answered through Apple Support.

Unpack it

When it comes to experience, it’s always frustrating when a Bluetooth accessory that just works will not work. Fortunately, you have many troubleshooting methods to try to fix the problem with iPhone Bluetooth.

Now it’s your turn! Did one of these solutions help you with your iPhone Bluetooth problem? Or was there something completely different you had to do to remedy the problem that was to be added to this list? Share your comments below!

And if you have problems with your computer, check out how to fix Bluetooth problems on your Mac.

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