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How to force a Mac – 3 quick ways to quit apps

Macs are provided with hardware and software tailored to each other, but you can still run in sporadic hiccups where an application or app stops responding. However, Apple creates a foolproof collection of methods that get you out of a paper jam.

If you have a program or app that decides to freeze, your computer is not finished. It should only be considered a serious issue if there is constant uresponsiveness from the items you have installed. Just agree to quit the application or app and you should be back to your business as usual.

Here are the three ways you can force to quit a program or app on a Mac that stops responding.

Force Quit Method # 1: Menu bar

In the upper left corner of macOS, the Apple logo is soft. But it is not there for labeling-related purposes alone. The icon also works as a tab for some features. Click it and you will see & # 39; Force Quit & # 39; marked in the middle of the list. Now you can see a list of programs or programs that are currently open.

Find the application or app you want to kill, then click on the dedicated "Force Quit" button at the bottom. It should immediately close. After that, you can reopen the application or app again.

 How to Force a Mac Cmd Option

Force Quit Method # 2: Command + Option + Escape [19659005] By holding Command + Option + Escape on the keyboard Together, start the above-mentioned "Force Quit" menu. The list of open programs or programs will appear again. As before, choose what you want to close and press the shaded button. If anything, this method works as a faster way of compelling programs or programs compared to the previous method.

Force Quit Method # 3: Dock

The dock on Apple computers shows what's fixed and active. To force to exit from there, right-click an icon for a program or application in the dock to get the shortcut menu.

Hold the radio button on your keyboard and you will see that "Exit" has been converted to "Force Quit" on list. Once again you have control and can kill it not responding to the app or program. Make sure you hold the Selection button because the usual "Quit" only gets the job if there are no performance issues behind the scenes.

Also note that the non-responsive programs or apps are dependent on several factors. Your computer may be old and must be replaced, but third party software may also have a disturbing error.

Make sure all software is up-to-date and error-free before jumping into any conclusions about your Mac, which mistakes you on the hardware side.

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