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How to get ECG on Apple Watch Series 4 outside the United States

Thanks to the early FDA approval, Apple is expelling ECG and ECG in the United States sooner than later. But what about other countries? When do you want to enable and use ECG on Apple Watch Series 4 outside the US?

To say it right for ECG to go in your country; It must first be approved by the health authority. Knowing that there is no hardware limitation, you should expect this health service to be available in your area as soon as the green signal becomes.

But what if you're like me, who just can not wait to put your hands on ECG when it's officially launched? It's an old hack to come through!

Before you get into the solution, let's know what ECG is and why it's so useful?

Well, it says "Electro Cardio Gram." The electrocardiogram is designed to accurately measure the heart rate of the wrist.

What makes this feature so impressive is that it allows the clock to measure the card's electrical activity in a manner that was limited to only advanced medical devices.

Always known as a first-class fitness apparatus; It's further strengthened Apple Watch's claim to be more hack over its rivals. When you talk about the process of getting ECG on the smartwatch, you may (probably) breeze through the barrier by changing language and region.

Remember that it can change the date, time format, along with other devices on your device. Not a big deal, but it's worth noting up front.

How to get ECG on Apple Watch Series 4 outside of the United States

Step # 1

. Start Settings app on your paired iPhone.

Step # 2. Now Press General Language and Region.

Step # 3. Then, select English as your iPhone language.

Also, tap Region and then select USA.

Step # 4. Be sure to press Done at the top right to confirm.

That's it! Now, wait a few seconds to let the device make the change work. The ECG feature will now be available on Apple Watch.

Page Note: This is not a definite way, but only a solution that can be missed. However, we will continue to update this post so that you will be able to use this new add-on.

Signature of …

As a user, I use to set ECG rather than later. I wish it was officially available anywhere in the world.

In addition to this enviable new addition, Apple Watch Series 4 also has some impressive health features like Autumn Detection and Digital Crown Haptic Feedback. Having top Fitbit to become the most popular portable device at a long distance, the watch looks like a roll.

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