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How to hide the emoji you never use with Smojis

  Using Smojis on iPhone keyboard

We all love to use emojis. Happy faces in our emails, hearts in our text messages, and even checks in our notes; It's an emoji for everything, everywhere. But it comes to the point that there are too many emojis to choose from, and the list continues to grow. You look for one and have to sift through hundreds of others. What if there was a way to hide the emoji that you never ever use?

Enter Smojis, a cool app that lets you hide single emojis or complete categories. So, if you never use flags or objects, hide them. If you only use certain smileys, hide the others. It's all up to you! So, how do you hide the emoji you never use with Smojis.

Get the Smojis app

Smojis – The Emoji keyboard is available on the App Store for $ 0.99 and designed for the iPhone. So, for a buck, can you take your emoji use up, right?

Set up Smojis

When you download Smojis, you must give it access. If
You open the app right away, you are asked what to do. But if not,
just go to Settings > Smojis > Keyboards and activate it.

  Enable Smoji Keyboard on iPhone

Hide the Emojia with Smojis

Open Smojis, press Hide
categories or single emojis
and you will see default categories listed.
Select one and then move the slider to the top of the distance if you want
to hide the category completely.

If you prefer to hide single emojis within a category, just
tap on them and they will be muted on that screen.

  Smojis Hide Emojis Category or Single

Now that you open the keyboard and go to emojis, you can
must press the globe to see Smojis emojis. And you just want to see them

  Using Smojis on the keyboard

Other Smojis features

The app offers some additional features in its settings:

  • View categories recently used and hidden.
  • ]
  • Choose a standard skin color.
  • Use a dark or light theme.
  Smojis Settings on iPhone


It would be great if your iPhone keyboard offered this type of function to hide emojis by default. But until it does, you can use Smojis. Should you check it out? Please let us know!

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