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How to manage your App Store account on Apple Watch

Account options for the Apple Watch App Store

As an Apple Watch owner, you already know about the many ways your laptop can benefit you. And when Apple introduced a standalone App Store app on the Apple Watch, it was another great feature. You no longer need to open the store on the iPhone to browse or download apps for your watch.

In addition to this great way to get apps, the App Store also lets you manage your account right from the wrist. Even if it’s limited, you can still do things like look at purchases and manage subscriptions, and that’s how you do it.

Access your account in the App Store on Apple Watch

Once you have navigated to the app and gained access to your account, you can easily perform your tasks. So let’s get started!

1) To open App Store by tapping Digital Crown and tapping it from your installed apps.

2) Scroll to the bottom of the App Store screen and tap Accounting.

3) Then you see tabs for purchases, subscriptions and updates. We will cover the first two options below. The Updates tab is simple, showing available updates and recently updated apps.

Apple Watch App Store account


Press Bought to see the apps you have installed. If you have set up Family Sharing, press My purchases to see your own or a family member’s name to see theirs.

You have a handy Search box at the top to find a specific app. Or you can browse using Digital Crown.

If you see an app that has download cloud icon, that means you have it installed on another device, but the app is also available for Apple Watch. Tap the icon to download it to your watch.

You can also press Open to launch an app or select one to see the App Store details.

Apple Watch App Store purchase


Press Subscriptions to see all app subscriptions, both active and expired. This includes subscriptions to all apps, not just those available on or installed on the Apple Watch. And this is an important feature!

Say you are relaxing on the couch or by the pool, and remember that you subscribed to an app. You may want to see when it is set to automatically renew and / or make sure to cancel your subscription before you are charged again.

Having the subscription section of the App Store on the Apple Watch means you do not have to jump up and grab your iPhone or Mac. You can manage the subscription from your wrist.

At the top of the subscription screen you will see Active subscription. You can also see the date each is set to renew. And if you are curious about inactive, you have a section at the bottom for expired subscriptions.

Apple Watch App Store subscriptions

Press to select one and you can review the details for automatic renewal. This allows you to choose another option, such as an annual subscription instead of a monthly one (for apps that offer options). If you select another renewal option, confirm by pressing Continue. Be sure to read the guidelines that appear for your terms change.

Apple Watch App Store Change subscriptions

If you do not want to renew, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Cancel the subscription. If you are within a free trial period, you can press Cancel trial period also. You will be asked to do so Confirm if you decide to cancel a subscription.

Apple Watch App Store Unsubscribe

Unpack it

It’s nice that the App Store on Apple Watch gives you these features to manage your account. Whether you want to download an app that you have installed on your iPhone or make sure to unsubscribe from an app you no longer use, you can do everything from your wrist.

What do you think of the App Store on the Apple Watch? Do you like it, or do you still prefer to look for Apple Watch apps from iPhone? Let us know!

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