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How to move apps in and out of the app library

Go to the App Library on iPhone

The app library on iOS 14 was introduced to help you keep your apps organized. It automatically categorizes similar apps into folders, offers a convenient search function, and gives you suggestions and recently added items with a tap.

And while the App Library is a great tool for finding the apps you need quickly, it offers a few other benefits. You can move rare used apps from the home screen to the library instead of deleting them. And you can drag new apps out of the library and pick them on the home screen. Moving apps in and out of the app library is easy, this is how it is done.

Move an app to the App Library

You may have a few apps or games that you do not use or play often. It can be a travel app you only use once or twice a year or a homework assistant you only use during school hours. You do not want to delete these apps, but you do not need them to fill the home screen. These are perfect examples of apps you can move to the App Library.

1) Touch and hold the app icon on the home screen.

2) Select Remove app.

3) Pick Go to the app library.

Move the app to the app library on iPhone

The app moves to your library in a category that it matches. To use the app, swipe to your app library and select it or search for it.

Move an app out of the app library

On the back, there may be apps in your library that start using frequently. Using the example above may start a new semester, and you want your educational apps to be in front of and in the middle of the home screen. Moving them out of the library is as easy as moving them in.

1) Touch and hold the app icon in the App Library.

2) Pick Add to the Home screen.

Add app to home screen on iPhone

The app appears on the home screen in an accessible place that you can use as often as you like.

Do more with the App Library

If you’re still getting used to the App Library, wondering what you can do more with it, or have questions, check out these great Christian articles that can help.

Unpack it

The app library is a good place for apps you do not use regularly. They are categorized to make it easy to see what you need, and you can also search if you do not see one right away.

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