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How to pair Apple Watch with Peloton Bike +

On our latest page, Connect the watts, we’ve put together a handy guide on how to pair your Apple Watch with your Peloton bike +.

Earlier this week, Peloton announced its latest products with the aim of promoting leadership in the connected training market. Their latest bike is called Bike + as part of Peloton’s better / best product strategy. One of the key features of Bike + is GymKit support with the Apple Watch.

GymKit was first announced at WWDC 2017, but admission from the producers has been slow. Peloton Bike + is easily the most prominent new product that has come on the market with GymKit integration. With just a touchless touch of the Apple Watch to the NFC reader, the bike and Watch are synced to start a workout and share workout measurements.

GymKit was one of the most sought after features for Peloton owners. Since the Apple Watch has a built-in heart rate monitor, many customers did not want to buy an extra just for Peloton training.

When a workout is stopped on the Apple Watch, it stops on the bike stats and vice versa. The Watch can now add its own heart rate data to your Peloton stats, which can be viewed in the Peloton app. The bike can add information to your activity app, such as how fast you step, how far you have walked and more. This information will be stored as a “training”

; for Apple Watch tracking, which will also affect the closing of rings.

The end result is a seamless experience for people who train with the Peloton, but also use the Apple Watch. This integration will provide more accurate indoor tracking and calorie estimates than if the watch were used by itself.

Visit ConnecttheWatts.com to see our detailed steps for pairing your Apple Watch with Peloton Bike +.

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