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How to Play AirPlay or mirror your iPhone or iPad screen on Apple TV

  Mirror iPhone to Apple TV

You can easily send your Mac screen to Apple TV and either mirror it or use it as another monitor. So if you want to show something you have on your iPhone or iPad on Apple TV, this is just as easy.

If you have a video on the iPhone, you want to show everyone in the room, you can use AirPlay. And if you want to see a bigger picture of something on the device and interact with it, you can use Screen Mirroring.

How both AirPlay works and mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to Apple TV.

Airplay your iPhone or iPad to Apple TV

When sending a photo or video to Apple TV from your iOS device, it's a great way to show everyone you have. Photos app makes AirPlay for Apple TV easy. Just be aware that if you use a third-party app instead, you may have several steps.

1) When the image or video is open as you like AirPlay, click Share icon at the bottom left.

2) Select AirPlay and then click Apple TV .

 Share AirPlay Apple TV from iPhone

3) The photo or video on your right appears on the Apple TV screen. Also note that if you play a video, your iPhone or iPad shows that the video is playing on the TV.

4) When you have finished using AirPlay, press AirPlay icon at the top right of the screen. Then select My Device .

 Stop AirPlay Apple TV from iPhone

Mirror your iPhone or iPad to Apple TV

To watch the full screen of iPhone or iPad on Apple TV, you use Screen Mirroring . When the screen is on your TV, you can continue to interact with your iOS device as usual. This only puts the smallest screen on the larger one.

1) Swipe to open the control center and select Screen Mirroring .

] ] Apple TV .

 Apple TV Home Screen Mirroring

3) Again, you can interact with iPhone or iPad as usual, and watch these interactions on Apple TV.

4) When you finish mirroring, open Control Center . You will see the icon Screen Mirroring now says Apple TV . Press it and select Stop Mirroring .

 Stop screen mirrored to Apple TV from iPhone

Pack it up

Go to use either AirPlay or Screen Mirroring with your iOS device on Apple TV ? Popping videos is fun for gatherings and putting the iPhone screen on the big screen is cool for a larger view of your apps or games.

Tell us which one you use! And remember, you can also ping us on Twitter .

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