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How to remove page numbers when printing from Numbers for Mac

Numbers for macOS offers sophisticated options for printing spreadsheets, charts, and other items created in the numeric thinking app. When producing this output, you may want to remove page numbers or customize a header or footer with additional details. Read all the options in Numbers menus and inspectors, and you will find nothing. Where has Apple hidden it?

In the Print dialog box, of course! I do not know if this is unique, but it is absolutely unusual. Hover over the top or bottom of the page in Pages, and you can change what appears in headers and footers and check details about size and whether they appear in the Document Inspector’s Format tab.

Instead, you choose File> Print, hold the cursor over the top or bottom of a preview page, and an overview of the header or footer area is displayed. You can click into any of the three cells, delete the contents, enter new text and format using the Text Inspector dialog box on the right of the window.

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You can only control Numeric headers and footers through the Print dialog box.

Numbers offers three special items you can add via the Insert menu: Page Numbers, Page Numbers, Date and Time. For example, if you want each page numbered with the current number and number of pages, you can enter page numbers, type “of” and enter page numbers.

Enter a date and time and the current date and time are displayed. Click on the inserted text, and a pop-up menu will appear in a small format where you can choose which date and time format you want and select a different date to display than right now.

Use the Print Layout tab at the top right of the page to increase or decrease the size assigned to the header or footer.

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