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How to rename AirPods on iPhone

Renaming AirPods can save you headaches if you have a variety of Bluetooth devices or share a Wi-Fi network with multiple people using their own devices. To change the display name of AirPods so that they are quick to find if you need to make any adjustments. Please note that your AirPods must be paired and connected to iPhone to rename.

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To do this: [1

9659004] Open the Settings app and press Bluetooth .

  • On the display name of AirPods you want to rename, press the Info icon that looks like a circled letter in.
  • To rename AirPods, press the back area of ​​the keyboard or press x next to the display name to remove it.

  • Press Done on the keyboard after changing the name of AirPods.
  • Now when you look at your devices in Settings> Bluetooth, you will see your AirPods listed with the new names.

  • Now you can rename AirPods from your iPhone!

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