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How to right-click on a Mac

In this article, we will show you how to right-click on a Mac using a variety of tricks.

Performing a right-click on a Mac has always been a little more mysterious than doing the same on Windows. Historically, right-click functionality on a Mac has never been as central to basic workflows as on the rival operating system.

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Even today, some users remain in the dark about how to right-click on a Mac. Continue reading and we will introduce you to the best solutions.

Use a traditional physical mouse

The easiest way to right-click on a Mac (and indeed any other operating system) is to purchase a standard two-button physical mouse. You can get basic entry level mice online for less than $ 10.

Connect the mouse to the Mac (you will need an adapter if your Mac only has USB-C ports), and the operation will automatically recognize the new hardware. Give it a few seconds and the mouse will start working. From there, right-click as usual.

2. How to right-click on a Mac trackpad

Mac trackpad settings manual

Unlike the trackpad on different Windows computers, right-click functionality uses the same motion on the trackpad of each Mac. Theoretically, right-clicking on a Mac’s trackpad is as simple as clicking or tapping with two fingers. But it does not always work as planned.

Maybe you have problems with the trackpad, or maybe you accidentally disabled the setting and can’t figure out how to turn it back on. Anyway, do not panic! It’s easy to enable right-click functionality on a Mac trackpad, and then adjust the settings to your liking:

macbook touchpad issues

  1. click on apple icon i Menu bar.

  2. Select System selection.

  3. Select Track surface.

  4. Click on the tab highlighted Point and click.

  5. Select the check box next to it Secondary click.

This will ensure that the function works again. If you have no luck, try restarting your computer after the changes.

To change the right-click action on a Mac

Right-click options for the Mac trackpad

By default, you have to right-click on a Mac’s trackpad by pressing with two fingers. Some may prefer to set up the right-click functionality in a different way. Fortunately, macOS allows you to easily change right-click to something else.

The two options available are both quite self-explanatory. Follow the instructions below to get started:

  1. click on apple icon i Menu bar.

  2. Select System selection.

  3. Select Track surface.

  4. Click on the tab highlighted Point and click.

  5. Expand the drop-down menu below Secondary click.

  6. Choose one of them Click or tap with two fingers, Click in the bottom right corner, or Click in the bottom left corner.

Close the app and perform some tests to make sure the settings were updated correctly.

3. How to right-click on an Apple Magic Mouse

An Apple Magic Mouse differs from a regular mouse due to the lack of physical buttons.

Due to the lack of buttons, it is not always immediately obvious how to right-click. However, in practice the Magic Mouse uses many of the same movements as the regular trackpad.

This means that just clicking on the right side of the mouse will be enough to activate a right click.

If that does not work, go to System Preferences> Mouse> Secondary Click and select the desired option.

4. Use the keyboard to right-click on the Mac

The last right-click method is also the least used: the keyboard. The keyboard is great for getting you out of a bind if you use someone else’s computer and their Magic Mouse does not have the secondary click enabled.

To use the keyboard to right-click, just hold down CTRL while performing a regular left click. The operating system registers the action as a right-click.

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