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How to run Mac Apps to run automatically whenever you want

  Lingon X Apple has a long running feature in OS X that I like and use regularly, but I want it to do more. There are the login elements in the user account in System Preferences> Users and Groups.

Open your account in Settings, select Login Items, and then add apps you want to start when the Mac starts. It is actually very convenient. When you sit down to use the Mac after it has started, you have RSS subscriptions, emails and the apps you use ready to go.

The only real problem I have with it is that the apps are launched at startup, not at a certain time during the day. What I want is an automatic boot that works according to a schedule I control.

Enter Lingon X, a Mac utility that can launch programs, run scripts or commands, and do it on a schedule. regularly when something else happens or at a certain time.

 Lingon X

As you can see from the screen, it is easy to set up and use Lingon. Select the Mac user, add a name for the launch you need, use the Select button to find the app you want to run, then select when you want the action to take place.

It's about it.

Lingon X then runs an AppleScript or launches the app according to the settings – at startup, whenever a particular Mac volume is mounted, or a specific time (probably the most commonly used option).

There is a version of Lingon called Lingon 3 which is available for half the price of the Mac App Store, but only works for the current user (Lingon X has more options), but works the same way.

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