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How to share calendar events on iPhone and iPad

The calendar app on iOS devices lets you create and share events with friends and family. Whether it is an important meeting in the work area or a weekend holiday with loved ones, it can be very helpful to create and share events in the calendar. It also lets you exchange invitations with your iPhone contacts that can help you stay organized in everyday life. To try, learn how to share calendar events on iPhone and iPad.

How to share a calendar event on iPhone and iPad

  1. To open Calendar app on iPhone.
  2. Press + ‘ icon at the top right to create a new event, or if you have already created an event, press to open the event you want to share.
  3. Add title and location for the new event.
  4. Now, press Invited.
    open the calendar app tap plus and then tap invite on iphone
  5. Add the email address or contact number of the person you want to invite to your event.
  6. Press Finished to send the invitation.add contact and tap done to share calendar event on iPhone

How to accept a calendar invitation on iPhone and iPad

  1. To open Calendar app and press Inbox bottom right.
  2. It will appear three options to respond to the invitation you received.
  3. Press Accept to accept the invitation. If you select Maybe, it means you postpone the event to respond to it later. Tap Rejection to reject the invitation.accept calendar invitation on iPhone

How to view shared events you previously rejected

If you had previously rejected an event, you can still watch it. To see it in your inbox, follow these quick steps!

  1. Press Calendars – the middle option at the bottom of the calendar app.
  2. Check Show rejected events then press Finished to save the changes.tap calendars and enable show rejected events to see rejected events in the iPhone calendar

How to manage all shared calendar events on iPhone and iPad

  1. Go to the Calendar app Inbox.
  2. Select Answered tab to get the list of shared events.
  3. Tap an event to view information or choose from Accept, May be, and Decline to answer that again.tap inbox select black category and select desired option to manage shared events in the calendar app on iPhone

Logging off…

Is it not easy to send and receive invitations on iPhone? If it helps you stay productive, don’t you want to create and share events regularly? What do you think about that? Let us know in the comments section below! You can also create and share entire calendars with your contacts in the same app. Pick up our detailed guide on the same.

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