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How to stop CarPlay's autoplaying madness

You know how when you get into the car, does the iPhone automatically save a song after you connect it to your CarPlay-enabled stereo? Who thought it was a good idea? Perhaps if you could put it to play the last episode of your favorite podcast, it would be a good feature. But the same song, every time?

The only good thing to do away with is that Apple's programmers have decided to stop destroying the planet and no longer use cars. How else can you explain why this has not been resolved?

Fortunately, you can stop the madness – and it only costs you 99 cents.

CarPlay Autoplay is a terrible idea

The problem arises whenever your iPhone connects to your CarPlay stereo. It automatically starts playing the first song in your music library, which almost certainly begins with the letter A.

The trick is to add a quiet song to your library and make sure it is named so that it appears first in alphabetical list.

How to add a quiet track to your music library

  Lovely, lovely style.
Lovely, lovely style.
Photo: Cult of Mac

I was thinking of writing a guide on how to make a quiet song and adding it to your music library, but then I realized that it takes a long, far too long time. (First, you need a Mac or PC running iTunes to do it, even in 2019.)

The easiest way to end the annoying CarPlay autoplay is to buy an audio track from the iTunes Store. Fortunately, such a "song" exists. It's called "Very Good Song (Silent Track) – Single," from Samir Mezrahi. It is almost 10 minutes long and consists of silence.

More wags in Cult of Mac Slack chat suggested by John Cages "4" 33 "", which technically consists of silence but does not work for a few reasons.

One is that its title does not begin with the letter A, and Apple Music sorts numeric titles to the end of the list.

The other is that Cage's tracks are not very quiet, no sound comes from the speaker, but if you listen to the track correctly , you will hear the sound of your car, your children and the life of the city (or country) in your ears, clearly, if you use the right attention to Cage's masterpiece, you are not able to drive.

Not only CarPlay

I do not own or use a car because I do not hate the planet, but I have experienced a similar autoplay error with the 2018 iPad Pro.When I connect it to a USB-C hub connected to a speaker, it starts to play.

But in this case it just resumes the song I last played, something which is much less annoying than the CarPlay autoplay situation. Or not because it is not possible to silence it. Although I add a quiet track, it won't make any difference. And it doesn't always happen, which makes it difficult to troubleshoot. (If anyone has a solution for this, please let me know.)

Anyway, enjoy the new quiet start for car travel. The first nine minutes and 58 seconds will be happiness. After that, the same old annoying song will play again anyway.

Via: Marc Hemeon

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