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How to surf the Internet on Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a very useful gadget with a number of features. In addition, tech marvel gives you access to certain web pages on Watch. Accept that the Apple Watch does not support the Safari browser, but as we know that Apple has already added support for WebKit on at least watchOS 5. So if you want to look at web pages and even surf the internet on the Apple Watch Series 3 and later. Continue reading the full article!

How to access web pages on Apple Watch

If someone sends you a link to a website via the Mail app or iMessage, you can access the web from there.

  1. Press web link on Smartwatch to open the web page. Either you can use the digital crown or your finger to scroll through it.
  2. Press Close when you have finished reading the preferred recipe.tap the web link to visit the Apple Watch website

How to Search the Web at Apple Watch

  1. You must use iPhone to share the network connection to Google.com to yourself.
  2. Launch the messaging app on Watch and tap the received link.open the messaging app and tap the link to search the web for Apple Watch
  3. When the google search loads, tap on the search field.
    • You can either dictate the command by tapping the Siri icon or consider typing.
    • To enter the search, tap the Scribble icon.
    • When you have finished typing the keyword, press the Done button at the top right.
  4. A list of suggestions from the Google search box will appear, tap the option you want to read.Search the Web for Apple Watch

Here’s how to put one together for use with your smartwatch.

How to clear website data on Apple Watch

  1. Print Digital Crown on your watch.
  2. You will see all the apps on the clock screen,
  3. To open Settings app and press General.
  4. Select Website data.open settings tap general and then tap website data on Apple Watch
  5. Press Remove site data.
  6. When you see the confirmation, click on it Delete data to complete the process.clear web page data on Apple Watch

As soon as you clear the website data, items such as cookies on the website, browsing data and history, stored passwords are removed.

Best browser apps for Apple Watch

1. Parity

parrity apple watch browser app screenshot

The app is a browser for Apple Watch, it uses your paired iPhone to create rich web content and broadcast it to your watch. It allows you to either connect it live or save it for later. With this app, you can even load the pages on iPhone in advance and broadcast it directly to your watch. The app supports many popular search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, IMDb and Amazon.

Price: Free


2. Squint AI

fate ai apple watch browser app screenshot

Squint AI is an artificial intelligence-based app that lets you add personal keywords and web favorites to your iPhone, and they appear on your wrist. To load the data to Watch, make sure the Squint app is open and the Squint button is lit. The iPhone performs the Squint function and sends the results, including photos, back to the Smartwatch.

Price: $ 1.99



Being in the beginning, the function may seem restrictive and limited. However, this is undeniably a good start. What do you think of this feature? Sounds useful? Share with us in the comments section below.

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