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How to track package deliveries everywhere

  Deliveries As much as we have used many of the technology foundations in the 21st century, we still do some things in the old-fashioned way. Amazon is not the world's largest online store because of drones. There are trucks that deliver the packages. Old tech, meet new tech.

How do you track your packages? Most online retailers these days will have a built-in tracking mechanism, but if you use multiple online retailers, you will need to log in and visit multiple web site for delivery updates. There is a better way. There are actually two better ways.

Mac. iPhone. Watch.

The internet was designed to buy products. You are no longer limited to the stores near where you live or work. Forget about the station. The shopping world is your oyster center, and just about anything you can imagine can be bought online. For Mac users, as well as iPhone and iPad users, these two apps make the tracking easier.

The first is Deliveries, which we have reviewed on the Mac360 several times. $ 4.99 and highly recommended.

 Deliveries for Mac

Also available on Mac, iPhone and Watch is Parcel, which works much the same way – it tracks your packages after shipment and during delivery – and is worth all four and five star reviews; Mac, iPhone, iPad and, yes, see.

All that is really required to use the package on your Mac is the operator name and tracking number. Package supports more than 300 different delivery companies, including all the major from FedEX to UPS to USPS, DHL, TNT and many others, both international and regional.

 Parcel for Mac

Once you have entered the right information Package checks of status and deliver push notifications that work on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Watch. Parcel uses Apple Maps to find the package delivery, but if you are away from your Apple products, it can also appear on a Web Access page.

However, unlike deliveries, the Mac version of Parcel is free but limited to tracking three shipments simultaneously. After that, you must subscribe to the annual premium service, and it's priced at $ 2.99 each for the macOS and iOS versions.

 Package for iOS

I would appreciate more clarity on how the delivery tracking works on the package. The developers say tracking data is being collected on their servers, but there is no hint of security. Still, Parcel is working very fast to push out alerts, which means you can get alerts on all devices for about the same moment.

The feature that I appreciate about notifications about parcel deliveries is the Watch option. All you need is the status alert ranging from in Transport to provided including time and date.

 Parcel for Watch

Get a message See that a package is on its way or out for delivery is cute.

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