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How to turn on and use AirDrop from iPhone to Mac

Want to quickly upload photos, videos, documents, notes and more to your Mac? Read on for how to get AirDrop from iPhone to Mac.

AirDrop is a convenient feature built into iOS and macOS that allows users to directly transfer files, photos, videos and more without having to send a text message, email, or use any other service or app. [19659003] You can double check AirDrop is enabled on iPhone by going to Settings → General → AirDrop (you can also press WiFi / Bluetooth tiles in Control Center). On Mac, go to Finder → Go → AirDrop and you can adjust the setting at the bottom.

How AirDrop from iPhone to Mac

  1. Find the file, image, video or other item you & # 39; I want to send
  2. Find and press the share button (square with up arrow  Delicon )
  3. Tap the Mac you want to share the file with
  4. You will see "Sent" when done [19659010] Look in your download folder on your Mac to find the file

Here's how the process looks like:

 AirDrop iPhone for Mac Review

For a more in-depth look at using AirDrop with iPhone, iPad and Mac, take a look at our guide and Apple's official support document.

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