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How to update from a watchOS 6 beta to the official release

watchOS 6 will soon be available to the public. When that happens, you no longer need to have the beta software on your device to take advantage of the great new features. If you want to ditch the beta and switch to the first public release, there are a few extra steps to complete before you can download the official release.

How to remove the beta profile from Apple Watch [19659003] Before downloading the official watchOS 6 release, you must get rid of the beta software profile on Apple Watch.

  1. Start the app Watch on the iPhone.
  2. Touch the My Watch tab .
  3. Press General


  • Touch Profiles .
  • Press watchOS Beta Software Profile .
  • Tap Delete .
  • How to download and install watchOS 6

    Once you have deleted the beta profile, you can then update to watchOS 6 as a regular update.

    1. Update your iPhone to iOS 1
      3 or later.
    2. Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi and launch the app for iOS 13 See .
    3. Make sure Apple Watch is charged at least 50% and connect
    4. .
    5. .
    6. . Click My Watch

      Press Software Update .

    7. Press Download and Install .
    8. Enter your iPhone password when prompted.
    9. Point to Accept to the terms and conditions

        download watchOS 3

    10. Press Continue on the Apple Watch to start the download.

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