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How to update iPad to iPadOS 14 – Apple World Today

iPadOS 14 is here, and all the impressive new features are just a few minutes away from being on the iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini or iPad Pro. In this short How To article, we show you how to update your device to iPadOS 1


1 – Make sure iPad can run iPadOS 14. The following iPads are compatible:

Of course, the new iPad Air (4th generation) and iPad (8th generation) that were announced on Tuesday can also run iPadOS 14. They come pre-installed with the new operating system.

2 – Ready to upgrade? Turn on the iPhone and start Settings app. Scroll down to General, and then press it. Under General you will find Software update.

3 – If the iPad 14 update is available in your area (it should be!), You will see it listed. Press Download and install.

4 – You must accept Apple’s usual “terms and conditions”. Once completed, iPadOS 14 will begin downloading to the device. When the download is complete, iPhone checks the downloaded update file to ensure that no errors occurred in the download.

5 – Two things can happen; You can either wait and the downloaded operating system will be installed at night when the iPhone is connected, not in use, and on the network. But if you are as impatient as I usually am, just click on the blue link titled “Install iPadOS 14” and the installation will begin. Your device displays a white Apple logo on a black background and will restart several times. Once done, you can take advantage of all the new features of iPadOS 14!

So, what are the new features?

Here is what Apple had to say yesterday about the iPad 14 in the press release announcing the new iPad Air:

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