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How to use and add complications for shortcuts on Apple Watch

Take a shortcut on your Apple Watch

If you like using the shortcut app on iPhone to set up quick actions, then good luck! On Apple Watch, you can use some of the same shortcuts and turn them into complications.

For things like telling your family ETA, playing a playlist or even setting a laundry timer, leave your iPhone on the table and tap your watch instead.

Shortcuts on Apple Watch

Run shortcuts on your Apple Watch

You can open Shortcuts app on Apple Watch to quickly run one of the shortcuts you create on your iPhone. Whether it’s setting up chores for the weekend or logging your water intake, many of the shortcuts you set up are available on the Apple Watch.

The shortcut app on the Apple Watch

Enable shortcuts

Are you missing a shortcut on your watch or setting up a new one on your iPhone that you also want on your wrist?

1) To open Shortcuts app on iPhone and shortcut for editing. You can do this for existing shortcuts on My shortcuts by tapping the three dots in the corner of the shortcut.

2) Press three dots at the top right of the shortcut editing screen.

3) Enable toggle for View on Apple Watch.

Show shortcut on Apple Watch iPhone

And remember to turn off this switch if there are shortcuts for you Do not do it will look at the Apple Watch.

Add a shortcut complication

There’s no better way to quickly access a shortcut you use often than to make it a complication on your Apple Watch.

Add the complication to your watch

1) Open the dial for editing. press and hold face and press Edit.

2) Swipe to Complications customization screen and select the complication where you want the shortcut. Note that not all faces can offer shortcuts as a complication.

Edit Apple Watch Face Complications

3) Scroll to Shortcuts.

4) Select the shortcut to use. If you do not see the one you want, press More to see them all.

Shortcuts Complications More on Apple Watch

Add the complication using iPhone

You can also add the complication to your Apple Watch face using the iPhone.

1) To open See app on iPhone and select My watch category.

2) Select the dial you use or want to use.

3) Go to Complications section and select the one you want.

4) Scroll to and press Shortcuts.

5) Select the shortcut to use. Again you can press More to see them all.

Shortcuts Complications More on iPhone

Do more with shortcuts

Still not sure all you can do with shortcuts, or maybe you are looking for some new ideas? Check out these useful articles for using the shortcuts app.

And be sure to take a look at how to create and manage folders in the Shortcuts app to keep everything organized.

Unpack it

It only makes sense to access shortcuts on the Apple Watch, and it’s even easier to have a shortcut you love as a complication. Need to add some of the favorite shortcuts to your Apple Watch face? Or do you just want to open the app on your wrist to run the wish you want? Let us know!

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