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How to use Apple TV as a remote for Apple TV

 Remote App Apple Watch for Apple TV

You may already know that you can use your iPhone with the remote app to control your Apple TV. But did you know you are using your Apple Watch?

These are convenient options if your Siri remote isn't
nearby, it needs to be charged, or you are having trouble with it. And since

Here's how to use Apple TV as a remote for Apple TV

Pairing Apple Watch to Apple TV

To pair your Apple Watch and Remote app to Apple TV, make
sure the devices are close to each other. 2) [TV]

 Apple TV Remote App Apple Watch

3) When the code
appears on the TV

 Authenticate Remote from Apple TV to Watch


 Apple Watch Remote App

Note : On older
versions of Apple TV, you may need to go to Settings > Remotes and select your Apple Watch

Navigating Apple TV with Apple Watch

The actions are very simple for moving around Apple TV with
The Remote app on Apple Watch.

  • Swipe up, down, right, or left to move between
    Your Apple TV apps and folders
  • Tap to select an app or folder.
  • Tap and hold Menu to return to your main Apple
    TV screen or tap once to go back to screen
  • Tap Play / Pause to interact with movies, shows,
    and music.
  • Tap the top left button to return to the main
    Remote screen

Wrapping it up

While there is nothing wrong with using the Siri Remote for
Apple TV, what more than a remote right from your wrist?

For more how-tos, check out our tutorials section. And get additional tips for your wearable in our Apple Watch section.

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