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How to use AR directions on iPhone

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After quite a few months of beta testing, Google finally rolled out the AR directions feature in Google Maps for all Android and iPhone users. This feature in Google Maps is called Live View, and uses smart augmented reality to provide one with directions.

What is Live View on Google Maps?

How many times have you used Google Maps to get directions and end up in a busy street completely confused about where to go? With the Live View feature, Google uses AR to solve this problem in a smart way. Below is a quick demonstration of how the feature works.

The feature is also great to have when Google Maps says you've reached your goal, but you're confused about where the exact building is.

  Live View on Google Maps

One important point to note is that Google did not create Live View with the intention of looking at the phone while walking. It is intended to be used when arriving at a busy street and is confused about which path you must walk.

How to use Live View AR walking directions in Google Maps on iPhone

Live View AR walking directions in Google Maps are available in all areas where Street View data is present. The feature is compatible with all iPhones and iPads that support ARKit.

Google just started rolling out Live View on Google Maps, so the feature might not be visible to everyone right away. The rollout will take at least a couple of weeks to complete.

Step 1: Search anywhere on Google Maps where Street View is available. Press the Directions button in the bottom action bar.

Step 2: If the Live View AR feature has been rolled out for your Google Account, you will see a Start AR button.

In case the feature has not been rolled into your Google Account, you should update the app to the latest version from the App Store and / or try again after a few weeks.

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