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How to use automatic workout detection on Apple Watch

The automatic training detection feature on the Apple Watch is meant to remind you to track your training. In a hurry you can forget to turn on the training on the wrist, and this is where automatic detection becomes useful. When you start an activity, it will remind you to track this exercise, and when you finish, it will alert you to quit. Let us understand how you can use exercise detection on Apple Watch in detail.

How does automatic discovery session work?

The feature is enabled by default in the Apple Watch. For example, if you start jogging in the nearby park and forget to inform the clock. After a while, you will feel a tap on your wrist with a message on the screen. You can respond to the alert by pressing confirm, which will eventually start tracking your activity. If you want, you can also mute reminders for that day, change the type of workout, and even reject the message.

Use Auto-Workout Detection on your Apple Watch

Similarly, if you missed pressing the stop button on your watch, you will be reminded to end the exercise after a few inactive minutes. The message will offer the same options that appear when you start training.

This feature can send you a notification about almost all the exercises on the Apple Watch included,

    • Outdoor trip
    • Indoor tour
    • Indoor races
    • Outdoor races
    • Elliptical
    • Stir
    • Swim in the pool
    • Swimming with open water

However, if you do not find this feature useful or want to take a break from your workout routine, you can easily disable it. Here we have mentioned two ways.

To turn off automatic workout detection on your Apple Watch

  1. Print Digital Crown on the Apple Watch
  2. To open Settings app.
  3. Scroll down to the end of the settings and go to Exercise.tap settings and then tap training on the Apple Watch
  4. Now scroll further down and turn off the switch for Start training reminder.turn off start workout reminder on Apple Watch
  5. Then scroll down more and turn off the power switch End training reminder.disable final training reminder in the training app on the Apple Watch

To turn off workout detection on iPhone

You can ask Apple Watch to stop automatically detecting your activities on iPhone. To disable the option, connect them and follow the steps below.

  1. Start See app on iPhone.
  2. Press My watch icon from the bottom.
  3. Scroll down and enter Exercise.open the watch app and tap the training app in the watch tab on the iPhone
  4. Turn off switches for both Start training reminder and Finish training reminders.turn off start and end workout reminders to disable workout detection on iPhone

That’s it!


So what do you think of this feature on the Apple Watch? Is it useful or disruptive to you? Do not forget to tell us in the comments below!

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