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How to use bedside mode on Apple Watch

I love the Apple Watch when in bedside mode and charging on my bedside table. Since I’m used to waking up in the middle of the night, the feature comes in handy to check the time. Also, I feel that it is extremely useful when it raises me, and acts as an alarm clock at dawn. Considering that it can also help you right away, I’ve prepared this tutorial on how to use the bedside mode on the Apple Watch.

How does Apple Watch Nightstand Mode work?

When this feature is enabled and your watch is charging, the screen turns into a digital night watch that displays the current time and date and alarm. Then it goes to sleep and wakes up again when you slide the clock or tap the screen to see the time. Below are some points that explain more about the feature!

  • The Apple Watch always keeps you in night mode, whether it̵
    7;s day or night while you charge it.
  • You can press the Digital Crown or the power button to navigate back to the main clock.
  • Along with the date and time, it also shows the charging status.

To turn on bedside mode on Apple Watch

  1. Start Settings app on your watch.
  2. Go to General settings.open Settings and tap General on the Apple Watch
  3. Scroll down and press Bedside mode.
  4. Turn on Bedside mode.Turn on bedside mode on Apple Watch

The function is activated. Put your watch on charge and see if you really liked the idea of ​​the night watch. Later, if you want to deactivate it, just turn off the switch and the charging screen will be common as the dial.

Turn bedside table mode on or off from iPhone

  1. To open See app on iPhone.
  2. Go to General.Open the Watch App and tap General on the My Watch tab on the iPhone
  3. Scroll down to Bed mode and turn it on.Enable bedside mode in Watch App on iPhone

Turn off the switch if you think the function is not up to the mark after use.

Set up Apple Watch as a bedside clock with alarm

As we mentioned, the alarm time is also displayed on the clock screen along with the time and date. If you have already set the time, it’s okay to skip the alarm setup process. If not, learn how to add it.

How to add and remove alarm.

  1. Start Alarm app on your watch.
  2. Press Add alarm.Open the Alarms app and tap Add Alarm on Apple
  3. Set the correct hour and minutes using Digital Crown.
  4. Do not forget to press AM or PM if you have set up a 12-hour time.
  5. Hit Set to add it.Set up Apple Watch as a bedside clock with alarm

The alarm is set and is displayed on the night clock screen. If you do not want to set it manually, you can also ask Siri to add it for you. To do so, long press Digital Crown, then speak “Set alarm for 6 AM tomorrow (desired time)”. It is activated as you can see on the clock screen. Once set up, bedside mode will wake you up with a gentle alarm sound at the desired time. The color of the content on the screen also turns yellow, indicating that it’s time to wake up! You can respond by pressing Digital Crown to delay it for 9 minutes. Or press the side button to stop it.

Later, if you want to disable it, you do not need to navigate in the Alarm app. Just address your command to Siri and it will be disabled.

Change the color of the bedside mode on the Apple Watch

The color of the contents of the clock screen is set to green by default, which you can change using the Settings app on your watch. Before activating it, make sure that it will change the color of the entire watch contents.

  1. Go to Settings app on your watch.
  2. Go to availability settings.
  3. Scroll down to Grayscale and turn on the switch. Turn on the gray scale to change the color of the bedside mode on the Apple Watch

When the clock is not charging, you can deactivate the grayscale mode to see the contents of the original colors. You can also keep the screen brightness low if high brightness irritates your eyes at night. To adjust the level,

to open Settings app → Go to Screen and brightness → lower the brightness by using the small light button on the left.

Touch Screen and Brightness and drag the slider to lower brightness on the Apple Wach screen

Is there a way to keep bedside mode ON?

Since Apple Watch Series 5 and 6 always have it on the screen, many users will wonder if this feature supports it or not. Unfortunately, Apple has not provided an option to keep the nightstand mode screen always on. The function is prefixed with standard timeout for the screen, which can not be customized.

Logging off

Many thanks to the Apple Watch for being a bedside clock all night and a powerful smart device all day. It is one of the most underrated features that can actually replace the digital or analogue alarm clock on your bedside table. Try it and share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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