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How to use health checklist for iPhone and Apple Watch

Health checklist iPhone on the desktop

With some amazing updates to the Health app with iOS 14 for sleep and hearing health, comes one of the lightest new features. The health checklist gives you an easy way to see what settings you have enabled for your iPhone and Apple Watch, and turn them on or off in one convenient place.

To ensure that you use the health features that matter most to you, you can use the health checklist on iPhone like this.

Review your health checklist

When you first open the Health app after upgrading to iOS 14, you see Health checklist right on top of Summary category. Press Review to get started.

Important: If you press X to close the health checklist in the Summary category, there does not currently seem to be a way to get it back.

Health checklist in health summary on iPhone

The features on the health checklist are based on a combination of settings from the iPhone and paired Apple Watch. At the top you see Inactive features with an alternative to Enable each and every one if you will.

Under Inactive you have Active characteristics. Each of these settings shows you a brief description of the feature, which devices it is available on, and if applicable, the last time it was updated.

Health checklist on iPhone

Touch a setting to make adjustments or view details. Some features only available on the Apple Watch, such as the ECG app, will guide you to your watch. Others such as medical ID or noise alerts give you opportunities to make changes if you wish. For example, you can disable noise alerts or change the threshold.

When you are done with a particular setting, just click Back on the top. And when you have finished going through the health checklist, press Finished.

Unpack it

Health Checklist is a great feature that ensures you use the settings you really need. You may have forgotten to activate one or realize that you need to make changes to one. Either way, be sure to open the Health app after updating your iPhone and going through the Health Checklist.

Are you going to take a look at your health checklist on iPhone? Let us know if you also find the feature convenient!

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