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How to use iCloud Notes on Windows 10/8/7 PC

Notes in iOS 11 mark a big leap for the app. Among the new features, we see several lists, sketches, formatting, web clips and touch-sensitive drawing on iPhone 11 Pro MAX, 11 Pro, XS MAX and new SE 2. It is possible to create new notes from text selected elsewhere and includes links and preview images of web pages. Truly, the Notes app has come a long way from the start. Read on to know how to use iCloud Notes on Windows PC.

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There must be many people who have felt that these features are like a breath of fresh air. It takes functionality to whole new heights, especially on the iPhone 1

1 Pro MAX.

Sketches are fun and easy to use. In addition to this, iCloud syncs all the notes between the devices, so if you start a note on the iPad, they can complete or continue their work on the iPhone or MacBook. However, this may seem to lead to an inconvenience Windows PC users will encounter since this synchronization is impossible to extend to them.

How wrong such an assumption would turn out to be because it turns out that Windows users can also take advantage of this feature.

How to access iCloud notes on PC Online

Opening the iCloud website and logging in with the correct Apple ID that contains the annotations means that the content can be accessed from any type of computer anywhere! This means that not only can these notes be displayed on different types of computers, but one can even create new notes or edit existing ones.

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Sign in to your iCloud account to access Apple Notes on PC

And because I have iCloud set up on my devices, I can go to icloud.com and use the account I sync across devices, and access all the things on my PC, whether it’s a Windows computer or a Mac. I can not only see my notes, but also make new ones as I mentioned above. The cherry on top? Whatever you and I do syncs to all of our devices.

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Open iCloud Notes on Windows 10/8/7 PC

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Truly iCloud is a boon that has pushed the boundaries of the functionality of Apple devices.

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