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How to use iPhone with more Apple watches

Now that Apple Watch Series 4 is out, many users consider the ability to retain their old Apple Watch as backup or for secondary use, such as sleep tracking. Some users may also have different Apple watches for different occasions. Keep track of how to use iPhone with multiple Apple watches.

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The practical thing about using iPhone with multiple Apple Watches is watchOS has a built-in auto-switch feature that allows more than one watch to be paired with iPhone.

Apple notes that only one watch can be actively paired at one time:

watchOS does not support wearing two watches at the same time, and it does not support the sharing of watches between multiple users at the same time.

How To Use iPhone With More Apple Watches

  1. Make sure the second or third watchet is paired
  2. If it is not, go to Watch the app on iPhone, press it currently paired Watch at the top, and select Par New Watch at the bottom
  3. By default Auto switch turned on depending on what clock you put on, it becomes active once you pick up The

Here you will find the settings:

 iPhone with more Apple Watches

If you decide that you want tu without having an automatic switch, keep in mind that you have to choose which one Apple Watch you want to be paired at the moment.

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