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How to use Siri on Apple Watch like a pro

Siri Screen on Apple Watch Garden

Siri can be a great helper on all your Apple devices. We recently showed you tips for using Siri on Apple TV, so here we will enhance your Apple Watch experience with tips for Siri there.

You can do things like set a timer, create a reminder, search the web, identify a song, look for apps and much, much more.

Uses Siri on Apple Watch

Make sure Siri is enabled

Since you can access Siri in a few different ways on the Apple Watch, you must first make sure that you have enabled at least one setting. In addition, you must have Siri enabled on your paired iPhone (Settings> Siri and Search).

1) To open Settings on Apple Watch or open See the app on the iPhone and select My watch category.

2) Press Siri.

3) Under Ask Siri, activate one or all of the options. You can have your watch listen for “Hi Siri”, lift your wrist to access Siri, or press Digital Crown.

4) You have several settings you can adjust for Voice Feedback, Voice Volume, and on Apple Watch, Language, and Siri Voice.

Siri settings on Apple Watch

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Access Siri on your Apple Watch

Depending on the options you choose in step 3 above, you can access Siri in the easiest way for you.

For example, if you use Siri frequently, you might like the Raise to Speak option. On the other hand, if you use “Hi Siri” on another nearby Apple device, you may not want that setting enabled on your Apple Watch. Pressing Digital Crown is a great middle ground.

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Ways you can use Siri on your Apple Watch

You can do more things with Siri on the Apple Watch than we can probably fit into this article. But there are definitely commands you can give that you may not know about and that can make your life easier. Here are some of the easiest.

Set an alarm or timer

The alarm and time clocks on the Apple Watch can be very useful in many situations. You can set an alarm to wake you up every morning or a timer for the oven. Whatever you decide, Siri can help.

For the alarm and timer apps, you can request things like from Siri: “Set an alarm at 07.00,” “Wake me up in 8 hours,” “Set a timer for 10 minutes,” or “Stop my timer.”

Siri Set Timer Alarm Apple Watch

You can also ask Siri to display timers and alarms to see which ones you have set.

Send a message

There’s really no faster way to send a text message on Apple Watch than with Siri. You can start and send a new message or reply to one you have received.

Say something like: “Send another message [contact], “” Tell [contact] I’m late for dinner, ”or“ Answer [contact] I’m on my way. “If you stop after naming the contact as in the screenshot below, Siri will just ask” What do you want to say, “then just add it to the message.

Siri Send message on Apple Watch

If you decide not to send the message, you can press Do not send and Siri will confirm with “OK, I do not want”.

Search online

Just like on iOS and Mac, Siri can help you find information online using the Apple Watch. Access Siri, send your request, and then see the results.

You see the website, the article name and a short excerpt. Just tap to open a page. To view another of the results, press Close, go back and select the next one.

Siri Search the Web Apple Watch

You need watchOS 6 or later to use Siri to perform web searches.

Add a reminder

The point of reminders is that you need to set them so that they work, and Siri can help you do this much faster than you think. You can ask Siri to enter only a reminder, or you can specify a specific list, date or time.

Ask for reminders like “Remind me to thaw dinner,” “Add a reminder to my to-do list to update the report,” and “Remind me to call Jason at 2 p.m. tomorrow.”

Siri Add reminders Apple Watch

And you can also ask Siri: “What are my reminders”, which gives you a list of current reminders.

Identify a song

With Shazam integration, you can ask Siri to identify the song being played nearby. If you are a Shazam user, than you know it is convenient to open the app on Watch to do this, but with Siri you can cut out that step.

Just ask Siri “What song is this?” or “What song is being played?” and you will see your results. You can then press Add to Library to get the song at your fingertips.

Siri What song is this Apple Watch

You need watchOS 6 or later to use Siri to identify songs with Shazam.

Find apps in the App Store

If you’re looking for an Apple Watch app, Siri can help you find and download the one you want from the App Store.

Try things like “Find me calendar apps in the App Store” or “Download Flipboard from the App Store.”

Siri Find apps on the Apple Watch Store

You need watchOS 6 or later to look for apps in the App Store.

Use the Siri dial

If you’re looking for an Apple Watch face that will update as the day goes on, check out the Siri dial.

You get information directly on Apple Watch that is relevant to what’s happening, such as calendar events, reminders, traffic conditions, news, weather, or home app favorites. You see the All Day items along with Up Next. And the face also supports Siri shortcuts!

Siri Watch Face on Apple Watch

To add the Siri face to your gallery, just follow these steps.

1) To open See app on iPhone and select Face Gallery.

2) Scroll down to and select Siri.

3) Choose color and complications.

4) Press add.

The Siri dial should then appear on the Apple Watch. And since it has been added, you can switch to it at any time from the My Faces section of the My Clock tab.

Siri Watch Face iPhone

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Not sure what else Siri can do?

Just like Siri on other Apple devices, you can always ask “What can you do?” on the Apple Watch as well. Siri will list all types of apps and actions.

Siri What can you do on Apple Watch

Tap on one of the items in Siri’s list, and you will get examples of each one. And of course, you can always just wing it and ask Siri for something to see if your request can be handled. If it can not, Siri will let you know!

Siri Reminders Phone Music Apple Watch

Unpack it

If there is one Apple device where Siri is the simplest, it is the Apple Watch. This allows you to take care of things whether you are traveling or lying in bed. You do not need to grab the iPhone or use the HomePod to get Siri’s help, just lift your wrist.

What types of things do you use Siri most on your Apple Watch? Is there anything on this list that you have not tried yet, but plan to do? Let us know!

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