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How to use the Memoji app on Apple Watch to create fun characters

The memoji app on the Apple Watch

If you own an Apple Watch and have recently upgraded to watchOS 7, you may notice a new app on your wrist. The Memoji app is a new addition for those with watchOS 7 or later that allows you to create and edit a Memoji and turn it into a dial.

Create your first Memoji, save the existing one, or create something completely funky. Sounds like fun? How to use the Memoji app on Apple Watch.

The memoji app on the Apple Watch

Create a Memoji

To open Memoji app on Apple Watch. If you are brand new to Memojis, press Got started. If you have any existing Memojis, you will see them right away. Swipe or use Digital Crown to go all the way to the top and press plus characters to create a new Memoji.

Apple Watch Create new memoji

Just like making one on iPhone, you can choose every item from skin and eyes to mouth and facial hair to glasses and headgear. Use Digital Crown to scroll through the items and, if applicable, the buttons at the bottom of each item.

Press Finished when you are done and you are new Memoji is ready for action! And the ones you create on your watch are also available for use on the iPhone.

Create a new memo on your Apple Watch

Edit a Memoji

To make changes to an existing Memoji, just tap it. Select what you want to change and press Finished when are you finished. If you press Cancel for Finishedyou will be asked if you want to continue editing or rejecting the changes. Press to save what you have created Continue editing and then turn Finished.

Throw changes in Memoji edits on Watch

Delete a Memoji

To remove a Memoji you have created, select it and scroll to the bottom and press Delete. Confirm that you want to remove Memoji by pressing Delete again.

Delete a Memoji on Apple Watch

Duplicate a Memoji

If you want to create a new Memoji that is similar to another, you can duplicate one and then make the changes you want. For example, you may want another Memoji that has a face mask or one with your new hairstyle.

Select the Memoji you want to copy, scroll to the bottom and press Duplicate. The replicated Memoji appears in your list that you can edit.

Duplicate a Memoji on your Apple Watch

Make a Memoji Watch face

With watchOS 7, Apple introduced a Memoji Watch face. So if you want to put your own Memoji on your wrist, choose the one you want to use. Scroll to the bottom and press Make the dial. You should then see your new Memoji face on your Apple Watch.

Create a Memoji Watch Face

To switch memojis, press and hold, select Edit and use Digital Crown to browse Draw for the one you want.

Customize a Memoji Watch Face

You can also find the Memoji face in My faces section of My watch in See app on iPhone. Press to select another Memoji.

Unpack it

If you enjoyed using Memojis on your iPhone, why not have as much fun on your Apple Watch? Send them as stickers in Messages or just be entertained with your moving Memoji like a clock face.

Are you going to spend some time with the Memoji app on your Apple Watch?

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