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How to use the Sleep App for Apple Watch

The new Sleep app on the Apple Watch helps you get a good night’s sleep. How to use it.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important ways to stay healthy. But doing so is often easier said than done.

The built-in Sleep app on the Apple Watch can help you create a customized schedule and meet specific sleep goals.

We take a closer look at how to get the most out of the Sleep app.

Start by adjusting a sleep plan

The Sleep app is more than just a simple sleep tracker. It allows you to set a schedule for each day of the week so you can get into a better nightly routine. The schedule also sets up an alarm to wake you up every morning with a selected sound, or just with a light tap on your wrist.

Get started by opening the Sleep app on your Apple Watch. Turn on Sleep plan and then scroll down to Add schedule. From there, you can create a schedule for a single day, an entire week or a combination of days. You set a bedtime and a time for the alarm to sound in the morning.

Apple Watch Sleep App

An optional choice is Turn off. With this, you select how many minutes before the set bedtime the sleep mode begins. Most importantly, what turns on Do not disturb the clock and disables the Raise to Wake functionality, so that the clock screen does not turn on accidentally.

If you ever want to adjust the different parts of the sleep schedule, just press the schedule. You can change the entire schedule or options for just one night.

Say good night in sleep mode

When your selected sleep time hits, the Apple Watch will automatically switch to sleep mode. If you ever need to turn on or manually, swipe up to see Control center and then select Bed icon.

The watch screen turns off. Tap the screen to see a slightly simplified face with date, current time and alarm time. If you ever need to regain full use of the watch and temporarily disable Hibernation, turn Digital Crown until it unlocks completely.

When the screen goes dark, sleep mode continues.

Apple Watch Sleep Mode Unlock

During the night, the Apple Watch uses its accelerometer to capture when you sleep and for how long. After rejecting the alarm in the morning, you will see a screen with the current time, battery charge information and weather on the spot.

To ensure that the Apple Watch is ready to track sleep throughout the night, it will automatically check battery life one hour before the selected bedtime. If the battery is below 30 percent, you will see a message about charging the watch. For more tips on how to better keep your battery full, take a look at our primer on how to charge your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch charger

Displays sleep history on Apple Watch

To view your sleep log, open the sleep app on your watch. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how long you slept the previous night.

After two weeks of sleep data, you can also see how your sleep has changed in the last 14 days.

apple watch sleep statistics

If you’re interested in seeing more comprehensive sleep data, you can also see the information in the Apple Health app on your iPhone. Select Sleep in that app.

Here you can see weekly and monthly statistics. The app also lets you change your sleep schedule, sleep goals and more. All of these changes are automatically synced with the Apple Watch.

Sleep easier with the Apple Watch

In a world full of distractions, getting enough sleep is always a challenge. But with the Apple Watch Sleep app, you can better prepare to relax from the day and track your sleep patterns at night.

And the portable device can do much more than just help you sleep better. There are a number of great Apple Watch exercise and fitness apps to further enhance your health.

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