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How to use Universal Clipboard with a password processing to cut and paste between MacOS and IOS

If you get a piece of text, image or other copied material from one device to another, you must export it to a slider or sync service and then import it again. Both iOS and macOS have a nice trick up in the sleeve that I think is not as well known as it should be: Universal clipboard.

It's an almost hidden feature that you can not enable or disable. It is only always available. Copy something on a device, and any other iOS or Mac hardware that is logged into iCloud with the same Apple ID, is immediately available for gluing.

For Macs running High Sierra or later, you can use Universal Clipboard to copy files between them.

The copied content persists short in the Universal Clipboard. Apple defines this just as "short time", which appears to be about two minutes. If you paste after that, the local clipboard has been restored.

I find this copier across devices especially useful for text tags used to confirm logins that I need to generate on a device and use on another. Although some accounts can use SMS to send codes, iOS 1

2 and MacOS 10.14 Mojave can automatically populate them, others use a safer method: an app-based code generator. [Jeg bruker Authy.]

In this scenario, these steps are.

  1. On Mac, your username and password gives you access to an account that is protected by two-factor authentication.
  2. A message will appear with the short code to enter. On iPhone, I launched Authy, find the correct login, and press the copy button to put the code on the clipboard.
  3. Back on Mac, click in the code field and type Command-V to paste.

Universal Clipboard works among devices that meet certain requirements: A device running iOS 10 or later (it's an iPhone 5 or later and many iPad models) or a Mac running macOS from 2012 or later, it's running 10.12 or later.

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