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How to view events as a list in Calendar on Apple Watch

Calendar app actions on Apple Watch

When it comes to convenient ways to get information quickly on the Apple Watch, the Calendar app comes to mind. You can view events you have planned, including all-day events, with just one tap.

When you open Calendar on Apple Watch, you see your events by time in a daily view. However, if you have many events, it may be easier to see them in a list. This way, if you have an event early in the morning and another in the evening, you do not have to scroll to see them or risk missing one.

So here you can see events as a list in Calendar on Apple Watch.

Enable list view in Calendar on Apple Watch

This is a change you can make by tapping Calendar on iPhone. And it’s just as easy on the Apple Watch. So open Calendar app on Watch and follow these steps.

1) Make sure you are in day view in the app. Whether you are on today or an upcoming one does not matter. The steps below do not work if you are looking at a month.

2) Use Force Touch to bring out the available actions.

3) Press to select List.

Enable the calendar view on the Apple Watch

You will then see your events for that day along with every other day in a list view. This gives you the name of the event and the scheduled time. You can tap an event to see all the details. And each list of events is grouped by date. This allows you to scroll to view each day and the list of events.

If you use the Up Next view, you can follow the same steps with Force Touch to switch to list view there as well.

Use to change back to day view Force Touch and press to select Day.

Enable the calendar day view on the Apple Watch

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Simple adjustments like enabling list view for calendar events can make apps on the Apple Watch easier to use. Similarly, you can take a look at how to customize the Mail app on your watch.

What do you think of the Calendar app on the Apple Watch? Do you think it works well, or are there improvements you want to see? Let us know your thoughts!

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