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How to view external hard drive in Finder Sidebar on Mac

By default, Mac does not display the external hard drive in the sidebar of the Finder. This is fine for some and annoying to others. Especially for new Mac users, location of external hard drive can be a real pain. If you also have this problem, we've created a quick guide that permanently displays external hard drive in the Finder sidebar as soon as you connect.

Without wasting time anymore, let's jump straight to the tutorial and

How to view external hard drive, CD / DVD drive in Finder Sidebar on Mac

Step # 1. Start Finder on your Mac.

Step # 2. Next is to open the Finder Preferences from the status bar at the top.

 Click Finder Settings on Mac

Step # 3. Under Location on the left, check the box next to of External disks. You can also check boxes of other storage source such as CDs, DVDs and iPods depending on your requirement.

 View External Disk, CD, DVD, or iPod in Finder Sidebar on Mac

You can close the Preferences window and return to the Finder and notice that your external hard drive is now listed in the Finder side beam.

That's it. If you want to remove it, just follow the same process and uncheck the box in step # 3.

Signing of …

This little tutorial was not near to becoming called technically. But it is actually useful, as most of the times, large files are often stored on external storage. Finding them can be a real pain every time we connect the external source.

This solution is permanent and does not need changes unless you turn on preferences. Having said that, it's time to be goodbye.

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