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How to view web pages on Apple Watch Running watchOS 5

watchOS 5 has a host of impressive features, including WebKit integration. Thanks to this new addition, you can see web pages on Apple Watch. Before you start thinking about a full-featured browsing experience, let me tell you that it's very limited in functionality, allowing you to open web links only in Messages and Mail apps.

Note that there is no standalone browser in watchOS 5. Therefore, you can only access the Internet in limited form on Apple Watch. Times when the iPhone is in bed and you want to check out the last email, this feature may be quite useful. Let's start with this new addition!

How to Watch the Internet on Apple Watch Running watchOS 5

Assuming you have received a web link in the iMessage or Mail app. If you do not have a web connection at the time, you can use iPhone or another device to send the link to the site you want to access on Apple Watch.

Step # 1

. When you receive a web link, click on it. An Internet view opens on the screen.

 How to access the Internet at Apple Watch

Then you can take advantage of Digital Crown to browse the site. You will also use your finger to navigate through the site.

 Use Digital Crown to browse the site on Apple Watch

Step # 2. After viewing the website, click Close.

 Click Close Online on Apple Watch

As mentioned above, watchOS lacks a browser like Safari to let you search the web. However, you can trick the search system operating system. Read on …

How to search online on Apple Watch

Step # 1. To get started, use your iPhone (or other device) to send the link to google.com or other search engines for yourself.

In this test I will send google .com link to myself using iMessage.

Step # 2. Now open the Message app on your Apple clock and click the link .

Step # 3. When Google Search is uploaded, click the text box .

 Touch Google Text Box in Web on Apple Watch

Then you can either dictate what you want explain the text.

To dictate the command, press the small microphone button and then 19659002]  Search the web via microphone or text on Apple Watch

If you To type the search, touch the icon . Then, crawl the small area to write the word. When you have written enter the keyword press Done button at the top right.

 Enter the keyword and click Done on Apple Watch ]

Step # 4. Touch the magnifying glass to apply.

 Click on the magnifying glass to search the web on Apple Watch

How to search online at watchOS

Use the following WebKit moves to browse the web on Apple Watch :

  • To browse a webpage, you can use your finger or rotate the digital crown.
  • To zoom double tap the screen. You must double click again to zoom out.
  • To display the Back, Forward, Reload and Reader Mode options, press the screen for a long time.
  • To move forward or backward through different websites, swipe left or right.

WatchOS uses browser mode to load web pages a little faster. It removes ads, videos and many other things to ensure you get a clear view of the content.

I think it's well thought out and designed to let you quickly review the content that matters to you – by keeping all unnecessary things in check.

Browsing consumes a lot of battery on the clock. So, keep that in mind to ensure that you do not have to charge the smartwatch too often.

How To Remove Website Data On Apple Watch

You may want to get rid of your saved passwords and cookies. watchOS lets you easily remove the caches. To do that, go over to this post.

A baby step … But in the right direction

Agreed, the browsing web on Apple Watch is quite limited. However, it seems to be a step in the right direction. And from what I can see it's the beginning of something very exciting. I think Apple will offer a full-fledged browser experience at about a year.

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