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Huawei unveils 5G smartphones coming in August and new plans to invest in their own data chips and ecosystems

U.S .. Blacklist or not, Huawei pushes forward full steam ahead with plans to launch their 5G smartphone in China next month. Although some parts of Android will not be available as Google Play, any missing components will be replaced by Chinese equivalents wherever possible. It won't hurt sales in China, but in Europe where customers are loyal to Google's Gmail, Google Play and get Android updates.

In a new Chinese report today, we learn that Hauwei officially announced that the 5G-ready smartphone, Mate 20 X, will be formally sold on August 16, and marks the second launch of this week with a handset that supports 5G wireless technology produced by a Chinese company. The first was from ZTE where they made advance bookings for Axon 1

0 Pro.

It is unknown at this time that Huawei's 5G Mate 20 X will damage Apple's next-generation iPhone sales in China. To date, no dramatic new features or services are delivering, so it may prove to be a very useless feature for Chinese users in the short term. Apple is starting to sell a 5G ready iPhone next year when telecoms are better prepared to offer next-generation services.

In May, it was reported that ARM instructed its employees to stop "all active contacts, support rights, and any pending agreements" with Huawei to comply with United States regulations while HiSilicon and Huawei are free to continue to use and producing existing pieces the ban would mean that the company could no longer approach ARM for assistance in developing components for units in the future, with the exception of Kirin 985, which has already been completed and launched later this year. "[19659002]

In a second Chinese report this week, we were told that in order to get around the inability to work with ARM on new developments, Huawei announced that it would invest hundreds of millions of dollars to expand ARM-based Kunpeng server chips and beyond.

According to current chairman Xu Zhijun, Huawei will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Kunpeng over the next five years to improve developer tools, open-sourc operating systems, and develop access to related projects.

Xu further stated that he expects speed to allow Huawei and its partners to "build a computing ecosystem around Kunpeng" and then provide infrastructure and applications such as cloud services "based on Kunpeng processors" for "different industries."

Despite the American black list, Huawei rolled out a new chip for mid-phones in June, and recruits the world's "geniuses" with top-level salary to help the company speed up future smartphone chips and their own open-source operating system.

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