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I got the Function 101 remote today, but ….: appletv

OK, it worked instantly on the Apple TV 4k and also controls the Samsung TV and Yamaha sound fields, but that may be because the Apple TV is connected to all of this via the ARC connection. Yes, I can jump forward or backward, fast forward, rewind, pause and MUTE! I can MUTE!

It works well with Netflix and HBO Max, and pretty bad with Sling TV, but the Siri remote also works poorly with Sling TV. I would say, Function 101 is better with Sling, because you can go better with the jump button, which of course … fast forward on Sling, and only Sling.

If you hold down the menu button, you can return to the Apple TV app screen, which is great. But I can not figure out any way to get to the home screen of the Apple TV app, you know, the “What̵

7;s on” screen that we all hate, but also all use. Is there a way? I still have the Siri remote, so I can switch to it, but it seems like there should be a way.

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