Mercury Intermedia, in a medium post, shares its extensive documentation of Apple Maps & # 39; iconography over the years:

A few years ago, we published a post that examined the POI in Apple Maps titled More Than you ever wanted to know about Apple's spotlight location icons. POI icons have existed in Apple Maps since Google was the map provider. But with iOS 6, Apple took full ownership of Maps and introduced a selectable color-coded POI system with all new iconography.

We took special note of the icons that came with iOS 8 when Apple began using larger versions of these icons on the System Level as part of their new Spotlight search feature. Apple has continued to iterate on these icons and has made several additions and improvements. For example, the iOS 1

0 redesigned the Apple Maps app to use the larger POI icon set directly on the map itself. This post will examine how the system has grown and evolved in recent years.

If you are interested in design, iconography or how these things have evolved over time in Apple Maps, the post is a wonderful resource and fun exploration of the small details that make a significant mark on the user experience. For example, the article contains quotes from designer Scott Dunlap that compares Apple's icon changes over the years and the purpose for which these tweaks are served, as well as feedback on how Maps & # 39; icon sets could make more improvement, especially for greater clarity in small sizes. [19659005]
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